REVIEW: Etienne Sin – “The Paradox Divide – EP” (2013)



Artist:  Etienne Sin [Facebook] [Twitter]

Album:  “The Paradox Divide – EP”


  1. The Cartographer
  2. Venality
  3. Lust Dancer
  4. Avarice, the Contradiction
  5. Run Away In Silence
  6. Your Scene Is Dead
  7. I Don’t Give a Damn

The one man machine Etienne Sin is finally presenting the music scene with a complete, full EP release – “The Paradox Divide.”  Sin’s music, as most fans know, has for the most part been released through singles, later compiled, though, in compilations and even, sometimes, albums.  Being his first real “release” since “The Art of Stealing Hearts,” this could be a “make it or break it” situation for the young, talented artist.

This EP hits well when it comes to all-around song structure – everything seems to go together well, even if things at times do seem to come out of nowhere.  “Lust Dancer,” for example – of course this song, like most, if not all, in the EP, contains electronic bits here and there, but this song puts out an entire dance piece in the middle.  In a way, this comes as a small surprise, but goes together well with the rest of the song.  This EP can send you for a loop in half a second, with all of the electronic sounds running throughout the songs, the soft, soothing sound of Etienne’s clean voice, and the sudden harsh and unforgiving blasts of mister Sin’s screams – let’s talk about those, now.  The screams that emerge from this young man are incredible, something to be spoken of in high regard.  If you heard only the screaming from this EP, you’d swear it were of a heavier genre – a sound of bands like Chelsea Grin, Attila, The Holy Guile and Suicide Silence.  Speaking of Attila, the speed at which Etienne goes through his screams are almost paced fast enough that they could make the known “speed screamer” Chris Fronzak look like a slow-poke.  This EP  is a great addition to a post-hardcore fan’s library of music, seeing as how that is the main sound kept up throughout the entirety of it, but any of you attempting to bridge between heavier genres to post-hardcore, this record is also for you, definitely.

This release disappoints, just a bit, because of the fact that it is an “EP,” and extended play, and not a full length album.  Fans of Etienne Sin have been doing much waiting for a new full length from this young man, and will be dying for one even more once this release reaches them, but at the same time, they will be just a bit let down.  The fans have been contained by Sin’s many single releases, all put out between his first record and this EP, but they will certainly be hungry for more.  Another thing I should mention is that, aside from a few key points in the EP, it can go on and end up sound the same from song to song.  This can take away from any release overall, but isn’t really a “big” issue.

The song throughout the entire EP that really sticks out is “I Don’t Give a Damn.”  This song really makes itself clear and stands out because of its obvious heavier sound and more powerful use of every instrument available to this young artist, including his own voice.  It doesn’t rely on the softer parts as much as other songs, and doesn’t exactly “fit in” with the rest of the EP, but it is definitely a great addition to it as a whole.

“The Paradox Divide” drops today, March thirty-first, through The Sin Circle, and is available through Etienne Sin’s website.  Pick it up and enjoy!

Rating:  8.8 / 10

For Fans Of:  A Skylit Drive, I See Stars, We Came As Romans