Review: Eve to Adam – Locked & Loaded


Artist: Eve to Adam
Album: Locked & Loaded
Rating: 10/10


When it comes to the rock genre, it feels as though by this point, everything has been done. However, New York’s Eve to Adam has found a way to stay fresh in a scene that has been overrun with mediocrity, falling into the mainstream and all the bands who have fallen in love with the money, rather than the music. When I heard their first album, “Banquet for a Starving Dog”, I was pretty impressed. That being said, that album got quite a few spins in my iTunes library before their new single, “Straitjacket Supermodel” was released. If you think that track is good, though, you’re in for one hell of a surprise when your ears are first subjected to “Locked & Loaded”. The title, in itself, speaks of what the album has in store for you. The boys are locked & loaded and ready to pull the trigger, sending themselves straight through your chest, into your heart and won’t be easily removed. But just what makes this album so great? Let’s dive in!

Lyrical Content: This entire album deals with the issue of never giving up, essentially. Tracks like “Immortal”, with lyrics that include “I am immortal, I’ll never fade away. I’m a legacy that lives far beyond, far beyond the grave. I am immortal, I’ll never rest in peace and you’re never gonna be, never gonna be, never be me!” will speak to the side of us that feels bulletproof when our confidence is at it’s peak! Then you have tracks like “Straitjacket Supermodel”, that deal with the subject of letting fame go to your head and the deception which lies therein. “If you wanna be someone, one of a kind, f**king contagious, and out of my mind! I am the all-original, so hated that it’s criminal! My fame is on the throttle, straitjacket supermodel! Sideways, on a level, tap-dancin’ with the devil! I’m bringing down the gospel, straitjacket supermodel!” Then you have slower, more subtle love-song type tracks like “Shut Out the World” which proclaim, “Lock me in this place forever, it’s where I wanna be, cuz all that matter is you and me.” Easily the slowest track on the album, but when you listen to the lyrics, you will find yourself tearing up a bit, as I did. It’s a track about embracing the time you have with a significant other, for life is short. Those are just a few tracks that stand out on this phenomenal masterpiece of an album, but make no mistake about it, there is not a single bad track on “Locked & Loaded”.

Instrumentation: The instruments on this album are very finely-tuned and will kick your ass. Every instrument is loud and in your face, ready to take you to your special place where all you want to do is move your body! This album will have you moving emotionally and physically from beginning to end. While there are some incredibly stand-out riffs, beats and bass-lines that will leave you breathless, the instruments are typical of what you would find in a rock album and that’s just fine. This is a band that is far from your ordinary rock band, though.

Overall: Overall, I can’t tell you how many times I have spun this record from front to back. My favorite tracks are “Locked & Loaded”, “Immortal”, “Straitjacket Supermodel” and “Forgive”, but all of the tracks speak to you in one way or another. There’s not a single bad track on this album and I highly recommend picking up your copy of “Locked & Loaded” when it comes out on Tuesday, September 17th! If you’re a fan of a truly solid, relatable rock record, then this album is for you!

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