Review: The Everyday Losers – Before You Say A Word (2016)

Indiana quartet The Everyday Losers are truly tapping into their sound with the release of their second full-length album, “Before You Say A Word.” Jam-packed with chaotic drumlines and guitar riffs that shred fingers just by listening, the album is a steady step from premier “Revel in the Chaos” and an even greater leap—a good one—from EP “Social Paradise.” Noticeably weightier, the overlay of frontman Dylan Seidel’s scratchy, feral vocals and the hypnotic quality of the instrumentals ensure that there will be headbanging until the fourteenth track finishes and tables and chairs just might be flipped.

A raucous cacophony of hard rock reflective of Alice In Chains and Seether, tracks like “Someone Like You” and “You’re So Real” are emotionally honest, recalling the pain of losing someone you love and pushing through life’s dark moments while others like “A.P.F.S.E” and “Loser” bring riotous self-reflection and existentialism. The band’s build upon previous works is noticeable and a pleasure to hear—it sounds like they are fully embracing their skills, their visions, and most importantly, their capability. The band are saying, “Yes, we’re here, and this is what we are,” and the confidence shows.

Other tracks, like “Untitled,” are softer complements that call forth images of the ancient out-of-tune piano in the abandoned house down the street that notoriously starts playing of its own accord. All of it is diverse, interesting, and just plain fun to listen to. It takes a certain amount of skill to create something as upbeat as “Before You Say A Word” without exhausting the listener.


The Everyday Losers are Dylan and Tyler Seidel on vocals and guitar, Danny Norton on bass, and Damian Baker on drums. Their 90’s rock influence is clear and they have an admirable history of original content and independent production. Their 2014 debut album, “Revel in Chaos,” was independently created, with music videos for tracks “You’ve Got War,” “Outta My Head,” and “Scream.” The people they have worked with, however, are impressive in their own right, with 2011 EP “Social Paradise” engineered by John Lecompt (Evanescence/We Are the Fallen) and produced by Phil Taylor (Future Leaders of the World).

Their increasing call to attention finally attracted AR Representative Kim Stephens (Collective Soul, Matchbox 20, Sick Puppies) in 2012 as a personal audience for the band on Fuse TV. The Everyday Losers began to tour alongside Saliva until they found themselves having done it not once, not twice, but three times. They shared the stage with bands like Future Leaders of the World, Bad Seed Rising, 10 Years, Jackyl, and Smile Empty Soul, and worked their way up to Rockapalooza with Puddle of Mudd and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.


After having listened to “Before You Say A Word,” it’s probably safe to say that this is only the beginning. “The Everyday Losers” are securing their place in the music industry with grace, talent, and innovation. Their musical journey so far has not disappointed, and it will be a pleasure to see where they go from here.


Kyle Swift // Del Rose Agency: