Review: Evile – Skull



Artist: Evile
Album: Skull
Rating: 8.7/10

Track List:
1. Underworld
2.  Skull
3. The Naked Sun
4. Head of the Demon
5. Tomb
6. Words of the Dead
7. Outsider
8. What You Become
9. New Truth, Old Lies


Officially formed in 1999 as a local cover band, Evile solidified their name in 2004 after years of playing covers from bands such as Slayer, Exodus and Metallica. If you’re not new to modern thrash, you will definitely need no introduction here, but if so, Evile is that Thrash band that everyone has been searching for since the inception of Slayer and the downfall of Pantera due to the tragedy of Dimebag’s death. With their debut album Enter the Grave, which saw lyrics centered around topics such as witch burnings and serial killer Elizabeth Bathory, they saw over 30,000 copies sold worldwide. With the release of their newest album “Skull” they take the evil to a whole new level. The title track “Skull”, most notably sticks out to me as you can truly feel and hear the old school thrash influence in it. But tracks like the first single “Underworld” are crushing, evil and in your face showing that this band truly knows how to put the fear in the hearts and minds of their fans. Whereas tracks like “Tomb”, which has a heavy Metallica influence, clocks in at over 7 minutes long, has some incredible solos and is fairly acoustically driven, show that the band has a more melodic side to them as well. All in all, this album mixes heavy, soft, acoustic, electric, evil and good into a nice kick ass, in your face molotov cocktail that is sure to have you breaking your replay button! Pick up Evile’s “Skull” out now on Earache Records and see for yourself why Thrash music still has a place in this world!

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