Review: Exotype – Emerge (New Transcendence EXCLUSIVE!)

Artist: Exotype
Album: Emerge
Rating: 5/5


1. Kilo
2. Rise
3. Incisions
4. Ghost
5. Synthetics 

Exotype, the brainchild of 4 of the 5 members of death-metal band Catalepsy, blew me away from first listen. At first I thought what a lot of you may think, “Dubstep/Techno fused with Death metal….. BAD idea.” But I have eaten my words from the first listen of “Synthetics” to the entire EP which I am constantly still listening to! Whether you’re a fan of dubstep, techno, death metal, great singing or breakdowns, this album has something for the whole family! When approached with the opportunity to review this EP, I instantly seized hold of it because I KNEW that this would be a review I would enjoy writing. As a big fan of Catalepsy, it’s a bit of a stretch between them and Exotype but I have got to say, I enjoy Exotype a bit more than I enjoyed them! Without further ado, my return the The Transcendence begins with my review of this incredible EP. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Key Tracks:

Kilo: Out of the 5 songs on this EP, Kilo, to me is the standout track. Opening up with some really gritty chugging guitar and eerie keyboard effects, you know you’re in for something different as soon as this track starts. Then Josh belts out the first lyrics “YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A NOBODY” and you instantly jump into that “break shit” mentality that comes with music like this. Then the chorus comes and you’re pulled in by the melody. This track just gets better and better as it goes.

Incisions: This track strikes me as one of the slowest on the album, but don’t get it twisted because that doesn’t stop it from melting your FUCKING mind! It easily has the most clean vocals on the EP as well, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because on an album like this, variety is good!

Synthetics: The first single from this unique and killer band! This track captured me from first listen. This is the track that gave me hope for this genre once again! There are not many bands who can SUCCESSFULLY pull off the transition from death metal to dubstep but this track showed me that Exotype DEFINITELY was an exception to that!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is a very solid EP. It blew me away from first listen and, while it’s not that long, it leaves you satiated and wanting more! I give this a full fucking 5 stars and I recommend ANY metal fan pick it up!

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