Review: Eye Empire – Evolve


Artist: Eye Empire
Album: Evolve
Rating: 10/10

Through the years of being in a band, events happen that can either make or break a band. Those that make it through, mature musically, emotionally and their sound begins to change, sometimes. This is called a musical evolution and, in every sense of the word, Eye Empire’s new album “Evolve” hits on that subject. In 2011, the band released their debut album, “Impact” which was a hit all across the board. It has been 2 years since that release and this supergroup of sorts is ready to follow in those footsteps, with the release of “Evolve” on October 29th. The band consists of ¬†current and former members of Dark New Day, Submersed, Texas Hippie Coalition, and Switched and, as such, the musical influences for this band are all over the place. If you were a fan of the heavier material on “Impact”, you will definitely enjoy tracks like “Rise (Wake Up)”, “The War Isn’t Over Yet” and “Weakness”. However, if you’re a fan of the more melodic, slow tempo jams, you will appreciate tracks like “The Man I Am” and “I Don’t Want to Leave”.

Immediately after starting the album, you will notice a difference in the bands sound since we last heard from them. In fact, to celebrate this Evolution, the band released “The War Isn’t Over Yet” as a free download! This band has overcome a lot of obstacles to get to where they are now and you can feel the influence from that in each and every track. They have created an album that they can truly be proud of, revel in and throw at all the haters who have tried to constantly bring them down. If you were a fan of “Impact” or anything in general that the band has released in the past, you will definitely be able to appreciate “Evolve”. If you’re just a fan of the rock genre, you will also enjoy this release. Whatever your preference may be, heavy, slow, mid-tempo, solos, catchy melodies, it’s all contained in “Evolve”. Pick up your copy on iTunes or through their official store and rediscover the band that will go down in history with the greats!

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