Review: Fake Figures – Hail the Sycophants


Artist: Fake Figures
Album: Hail the Sycophants
Rating: 9/10

1. Perfect No One
2. Day of Peril
3. Something Deadly
4. Caustic
5. As We Drift
6. Where the Slide Is Broken
7. Let Them Bleed

The devastating news that Atreyu would be going on hiatus back in 2011 lead to the creation of a few side projects by individual members. First, and most notably, Hell or Highwater was created and fronted by drummer Brandon Saller. Secondly, Fake Figures, was created by members of Hotwire, Scars of Tomorrow and Atreyu guitarist, Travis Miguel. Last, but not least, Alex teamed up with Brendan from Bleeding Through to create IAmWar. We will be talking about Fake Figures. Their debut EP “Hail the Sycophants” is a cacophonous medley the likes of which you’ve never heard before. With members of bands who have been all over the spectrum, you’re sure to find something you enjoy. We’ve got heavy, thumping tracks like “Perfect No One” and “Day of Peril”, and more melodic slower tracks like “As We Drift”, the band has a way of genre-bending that most attempt, but never truly succeed with. Here’s how they manage it, the first half of the EP is loud, in your face and incredibly powerful while the second half ranges from being more melodic to having just a touch of post-hardcore flavor to it. When vocalist Rus Martin starts screaming, you feel yourself drawn into the music and it doesn’t stop until the final track ends. The final product is 7 tracks that will have you banging your head, singing along and probably destroying everything in your room as you mosh along! This is a band to look out for and if you haven’t heard of them, you definitely want to go check them out! Their new EP “They Must Be Destroyed” will be out a little later this year! For now, go and enjoy “Hail the Sycophants” and discover a love for music that you probably never thought you would have!

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