Review – Falling Through April – Zodiac


Artist: Falling Through April

Album: Zodiac

Rating: 9/10


Falling Through April is an Alternative Rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina that have gained some substantial recognition. Their new album, “Zodiac” will be released January,19th. I was invited to preview and share my thoughts on the album. The band has amassed a significant touring resume, having opened for The Pretty Reckless, Pop Evil, Adelitas Way, Flyleaf and more.

The album, “Zodiac” offers up some charismatic vocals by front woman, Mikaela Salazar and team, they form a coherent and really bring it on their first album with new front woman Mikeala Salazar. The lyrics and music flows with sincerity and conviction and it definitely tells a story. “Zodiac” is Falling Through April’s third release. Their previous recordings include The “Take Flight” album that came out in 2012 and the “Risk and Reward” Ep, which was released in 2015. The band is now joined by leadwoman Mikeala Salazar.

The first single release, “Desperate Measures” is a rocking piece of music. Mikeala’s vocals are haunting and full of that edgy gnarl. While easily compared to a ‘Paramore-ish‘ type sound Mikeala brings more of a melodic grunge to the band’s sound. The fact Mikeala is fairly new to the band seems like a godsend since she seems to flow with the charisma of the band. Heart Sails” is one of the stand out tracks to me cause it seems to offer a diverse look at the band and their creativity.



Coast To Coast” opens with an easy vocal delivery. They performed this song during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The track offers some melodic breakdowns and sounds like Mikeala had a fun time recording it. The Culprit” this track is by far one of the most hard and rocking pieces on the album. Mikeala’s vocals are melodic and solid. There are slight moments of instrumental dominance in the chorus but is saved by the bridge breakdown and of course, Mikeala’s beautiful vocals in the end. 

Nothing Changes” another rocking track the band delivers. The track offers some echoing and haunting vocals. Mikeala is aggressive and has that edgy gnarl I mentioned earlier. The leadwoman is backed by solid instrumentals, which are on point and balances out the song.

Overall, the album is a rocking piece of art. The songs flowing from one track to the next seemingly flawless. The artwork adds a splash of creativity as well with the constellations Aries and Taurus battling it out on the battlefield of the stars. While, there are some overpowering moments between vocals and instruments, it is kept to a minimum and the album still shines like all the constellations tend to do in the night sky.


Falling Through April is:

Mikaela Salazar – Lead Vocals

Dan Candia – Guitar/Vocals

Jim Siani – Guitar

Dave Piontek – Bass/Vocals

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Official Video for “Desperate Measures

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