Review: Falling In Reverse – Fashionably Late – 2013




Overall Eval 9/10





1. Champion
2. Bad Girls Club
3. Rolling Stone
4. Fashionably Late
5. Alone
6. Born To Lead
7. It’s Over When It’s Over
8. Game Over
9. Self-Destruct Personality
10. Fuck The Rest
11. Keep Holding On
12. Drifter

Falling In Reverse has been picked on ever since the release of their “Alone” single a couple months ago, and have released other singles before the initial release of “Fashionably Late” Due in stores June 18th, but I honestly have to say bravo.   There is a lot of talent here.  Ronnie has really incorporated numerous music genres into one, and yes it works flawlessly.  The culmination of the “post-hardcore” with the great transition of believe it or not enjoyable metal actually happens.   I know there’s going to be a lot of haters, who believe this band is a joke, but I honestly love a breath of fresh air and this second release is a big improvement.

Each song ranges from a perfect addicting sing a-long to an emotional mess of passion all throughout the CD.  I never thought I would even think to listen to such a band, but I do agree this is what we needed for 2013.  People will always hate on anyone for being different or mixing many different genres in one, but Falling In Reverse has surely proven those elitists wrong.  The transition from song to song varies from a fun catchy lyrical song to a more intricate piece of work.  Catchy songs that just hone on being catchy, such as Game Over and Bad Girls Club, I cannot get enough of.  I especially love how the band uses various concepts upon each song or all the components within each.  You have metalcore melodies, crushing chugs, yes chugs, and it’s not 2013 without the dubstep.  What’s nice about all these ingredients, you do not feel they were doing whatever, each song has it’s elements for various reasons.  Each time I listen to this CD I hear so much influence from Good Charlotte’s “Young & The Hopeless.  I grew fond of that CD, which has happened with “Fashionably Late.”

Songs such as Born To Lead surely proves this throughout the entire song.  You start out with a piano ballad introduction with Ronnie quoting how he was “born to lead” and boom you are immersed in an almost Dragon Force melody followed by a great transition about “what are you fighting for.”  As the song progresses you are caught off guard by the guitar solo which transpires into the invitation of a very meaty breakdown segment.  I honestly have always loved bands you step out of the cliché scene and this band most definitely has done that.

The lyrical abilities all throughout the CD are just amazing, yes I said amazing.  Ronnie goes from singing a perfect power ballad harmony to unknown rapping.  The elitists are going to dock points for this originality, but I applaud this man.  Ronnie has been through a lot of turmoil, and he shows how you can be ridiculed, despised and destroyed.  Make music you love, not for what they want.  This CD is the perfect middle finger to those who said your band is a joke, die.  I never could get into this band, but something about hearing that single “Alone” made me cringe the first time.  I hit replay and became mesmerized by everything the song contained.  I especially fell in love with his take of having a good time, and rapping.  “I’m on that wreck, fly like a jet, switching lanes like I’m racin’ a vette.”  I don’t honestly know what happened, I am a deathcore whore, and I somehow immersed myself in this “joke band” and I have to say, I love this CD, I hope you heed these words.  I digress though, this CD is for everyone.  You may be a metal head or a post-hardcore fan; you surely need this in your library.

For Fans of: Escape the Fate, Blessthefall, The Word Alive