REVIEW: Farewell, My Love – “Mirror, Mirror – EP” (2013)



Artist:  Farewell, My Love [Facebook] [Twitter]

Album:  “Mirror, Mirror – EP”


  1. Mirror, Mirror
  2. My Perfect Thing
  3. Skip the Memories
  4. It’s My Life
  5. Just Another Soul (Acoustic)

After recently hitting it big with many new fans, after their very successful spot on the Bryan Stars Tour, these boys in Farewell, My Love have finally given these fans, old and new, a great second EP, this one titled, “Mirror, Mirror.”  The single for this record, holding the same name, hit the web and drove fans wild, but nobody had been discouraged or disappointed at hearing it, because at the same time the EP was announced for release, and this did nothing but even further excite these loving and dedicated fans.  Rock stars in their own right, Arizona musicians Farewell, My Love, with this new release, are looking to please these fans and to show the world that true “rock stars” still do exist!  Without further ado, here’s my review of Farewell, My Love’s second-coming EP, “Mirror, Mirror”:

The Good:

Emanating with the essence and sound of bands such as Aiden and My Chemical Romance, “Mirror, Mirror” is a powerful and energetic force that just gets the listener moving.  Seeing these songs performed live must be quite the show, which might explain why their spot on the recent Bryan Stars Tour helped them to “hit it big.”  The name-sharing single was the perfect song-of-choice for a single, because in this song you, more or less, get the perfect introduction and insight into the overall EP itself – fast paced, emotional, energetic and full of joyous sound.  This band shows quite a good-lot of progression from their debut EP with their goose-bump tingling and haunting “theatrical” sound, such as the stand-out piano pieces in the soundlessness that rear their beautiful heads throughout the EP, as well as the thrilling and sweet guitar solos they’ve masterfully stitched together..  Also, their cover of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” is spot on, and they’ve truly made the song their very own.  While keeping, of course, the song’s actual sound and structure, they’ve added in sounds and material of their very own that just breathes new life into this song entirely.

The Bad:

The ONLY, and I mean only thing I don’t like about this EP is that it’s an EP.  After hearing this release, in its entirety, it only makes me want more – yes, of course the EP was a great adventure of its own, but now I thirst for more!  Hopefully we’ll see more content released from this band before too long.


This is a wonderful record put together by a band that, at one point, was quite “underground,” but has gained quite the following as of late and cares more about their fans than fame or money.  This is a band that took the time to put together just the right music for their fans to enjoy.

Stand-Out Track:

“It’s My Life”:  Upon just seeing this track in the listing, I thought it was only a coincidence that the two songs shared names, but oh, how wrong I was.  Upon listening, something hit me – this odd, yet pleasant feeling came upon me, and as the song progressed I became more and more pleased and satisfied, all the way to the end.  This cover does the original Bon Jovi hit justice, and even, possibly, surpasses it.


Some people will look at this band and judge them for how they look – but they don’t really get it.  This is a band that wants to bring back the “rock star persona.”  To them, and to many people all over the world, rock stars aren’t just “people” – they’re gods.  They don’t look like us, they look, simply, like someone – or something – else.  Those who actually care about music will delve into this record and be showered in nothing but amazement and joy as they undertake the journey that is “Mirror, Mirror.”  The EP drops tomorrow, February nineteenth, through Standby Records and will be available on iTunes and Merchnow.  Check it out!  I promise nothing but enjoyment.

Rating:  9.4 / 10

For Fans Of:  Aiden, My Chemical Romance, Modern Day Escape