Review: Fate Worse Than Death – The Worst Things in Life Come Free to Us [2013]


Every now and then an album comes out of nowhere that hits all the right notes, an album with so much hate, spite and malice that upon hearing it even the biggest coward will be transformed into a mass-murdering psychopath. If you like deathcore with bouncing beatdowns, colossal breakdowns, chaotic distortions and lots and lots of hateful lyrics you came to the right place. A five-headed hydra of hate that goes by the name Fate Worse Than Death has created an full length that should be in the collection of even the most sickest, twisted serial killer: The Worst Things in Life Come Free to Us.

From the moment that you hear Still Doing It you are submitted to a non-stop avalanche of pure unrelenting anger, it might not be wise to jam this if anything or anyone you value is in the near vicinity because of an 500% increased risk of fucking shit up beyond recognition. A notable feature that should definitely be mentioned is that The Worst Things in Life Come Free to Us has no less than 15 tracks, tracks that are all of considerable length at that, this album is over ONE-FUCKING-HOUR long! Yes that’s right, that makes it THE longest album in this genre of music I have ever heard, not bad for an unsigned band I would say.

Like I said before the album mainly consists of distorted breakdowns and beatdowns that continuously pummel your eardrums and they do an phenomenal job at that, however The Worst Things in Life Come Free to Us is not without the occasional change in style; death metal riffing, creepy melodics and even chaotic mathcore elements occasionaly come to the surface. Of course with an album where the main focus lies with real life inspired anger there are plenty of samples to be found, a rare thing these days (sadly) and are good for a laugh amidst the brutality. With an album of this length you might be wondering if after a while the ”magic” starts to fade, a common problem with most albums of this genre, amazingly enough that is NOT the case here, if anything the album really picks up in the second half, leaving you with an evil smile on your face and a feeling of satisfaction. Vocals consist out of a steady stream of poisonous growls and hardcore shouts, always the best choice when it comes to getting your blood to reach boiling point. Other vocal assaults are slow, maniacal rants and raspy schreeches that sound like they could come from Frankie Palmeri himself, in fact you can hear lots of Emmure influences (only the good things), making The Worst Things in Life Come Free to Us somewhat a spiritual successor to Goodbye to the Gallows and most other heavyweights from that era for that matter.

The main attraction are without any doubt the unhealthy amounts of psychopathic hatred that are portrayed in the lyrics, my favorite kind! With over an hour of lovely lyrics to explore I will show you a small taste of what you can expect, also the lyrics seem to be part of a concept, getting progressively more disturbing and menacing as the album runs its course. Whether these texts are merely a concept or are aimed at a real person; I would hate to be in that person’s shoes:

This is beyond physical.This is beyond faith. I could drown you in a thousand oceans.
I could watch you carve your apologies into your skin for eternity. I could watch you pity yourself forever. But that won’t change a fucking thing. No it won’t change a motherfucking thing. You’ve made a bitter creature of malcontent out of me. I’ve bred something so much worse.  I never forgive I never forget. I’ll watch your friends turn their backs on you. I’ll watch you never find love. I will watch you starve yourself for attention. I’ll watch your disease kill you young. I will go to your wake. I’ll go to your funeral and I won’t shed a fucking tear. -Handshaker

Tell me how you messed up, go ahead tell me how you’re sick, tell me how you need my help, tell me I mean so much to you. Then go suck a dick. That’s all you’re good for, look what you’ve done… I can’t believe my eyes. Find some fucking doucebag to jam his cock into your fucking garbage hole and swallow his load, you fucking whore. That’s all your’re good for, use him for all he’s got, make him think you’re special, your’re unique, your’re too good to pass up.  There’s more to you than meets the eye, don’t look away, look me right in the eye. I want to see right into your soul until you die. -Suck a Dick

Liar, whore fucking cunt manipulative wench, I don’t even know you and I never did. No one even knows you and no one deserves to, you’re fucking poison, your insides are black.  A life sucking demon disguised with a pretty face. Your beauty fucking disgusts me, you vile treacherous trashy fuck. You’re good for one thing and one thing only. Now get on your fucking knees just like you’re used to you sick piece of shit. -Skin Deep Life

You’ve shown me debauchery, lies, and deceit. All the good you’ve brought to me is shadowed by your fucking disease. There’s no cure for what you have. You’re a mistake, and I need to do the world a favor and make you an example. What I would give to just plunge my fucking thumbs into your pretty fucking eyes. To strike my palm into your goddamn cheekbone over and over and over until your face is nothing but an unrecognizable mess of bones, brains, and muscle and teeth. You’re the worst disease, and you make me fucking sick. -Charlatan

This has taken so much out of me. I need reprieve; I need relief from this release. The birds are out and it’s time to leave. The sun looks brighter than it ever has. Every breath of air feels fresher than the last. Your stench ruins this beautiful morning. Your’re disgusting, dismembered mangled figure taints an otherwise perfect scene as I drag you through this forest, like an anchor you’ve been weighing me down my whole life. Mocking me with glimpse of what could have been. just one more walk around this pond and it’s over. -Another Worthless Orchid

So pick up your bloody machete (bonus points if you have a hockey mask), shotgun, chainsaw, sledgehammer or whatever your weapon of choice is in a killing spree, jam this bitch on the loudest possible volume and prepare to slaughter some fucking bitches. The Worst Things in Life Come Free to Us does not attempt to reinvent the wheel, but why try to fix things that were never broken in the first place? Yes there are a million other bands like this out there, yes all of the things present on this album have been done before, you either love it or you hate it. Personally this has everything I could ever want from music, you know you got something special when listening gives you a filthy grin on your face every time. As far as my opinion goes, I think we got another Album of the Year nominee on our hands. Either way neighbors and pedestrians everywhere best beware, The Worst Things in Life Come Free to Us is coming for you.

Rating: 11/10

For fans of: Emmure, Doomsday Mourning, Gift Giver, The Acacia Strain, Sworn In


Credits go to Squ1DDoS for bringing this album to my attention and for typing out the lyrics.