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REVIEW: Our Fears – Flawed EP

Our Fears - Flawed EP

While checking out Our Fears’ biography, it reads: “Out of Rockland County, NY, 4-piece hard rock outfit OUR FEARS deliver a brand of music that can be described as epic, theatrical, visual and hard-hitting.” They have got that spot on as it describes their debut EP “Flawed” perfectly. There is a perfect blend here of hard rock anthems and power ballads in its approximate 24 minute run-time. Vocalist, Miles Strand, shines throughout it. His lyrics and beautiful melodies capture and accentuate the haunting, yet captivating instrumentals performed by guitarist Dan Russo, Miles Strand, Jon Duverger, and Paul Cesario.

These guys sure know how to write a solid rock song, and their EP, “Flawed,” only proves that notion. What I love about this EP is that the music itself gives insight into the minds of these finely crafted musicians. That is a rare quality nowadays. In their single “I’ll Kill Myself,” which there is a music video that you could check out below, Strand belts: I’ll kill myself so I can haunt your dreams. Forever awake you’ll always be twisting and turning trying to get by. But, there’s no escape. I’ll eat you alive. I find this amazing because Strand is admitting to all the dark little secrets that corrupt our thoughts during our darkest moments. These are things that we may sometimes think, but never necessarily have the guts to say. Bravo.

The production on this EP is pretty solid. They recorded with Ron Geffen of America’s Got Talent / The All Ways fame. The only discrepancy I noticed is that their single, and final track, “I’ll Kill Myself,” is quite different than the rest of the songs on “Flawed.” It sounds that it is mastered at a slightly lower volume, a bit more compressed, and the guitar and vocal tones are quite different in comparison. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the production value of “I’ll Kill Myself” is still high…it just could have used a slight volume boost or remaster to match the rest of the tracks.

Our Fears definitely are a band with extreme potential that I can see them taking very far. In all honesty, the only thing ‘flawed’ with “Flawed” is that it ends, leaving you wanting more! But, hey, that’s just me being greedy.

Please check out their killer video for “I’ll Kill Myself” below and make sure you purchase “Flawed” via the iTunes or Amazon link provided below!







Our Fears – I’ll Kill Myself (Official Music Video):