Are you a fan of rock and roll, but also like a bit of that nitty-gritty harsh vocal work with elements classic hardcore and punk with new age radio rock feels? Well, you’re in luck, I present Feverwar and their debut EP Piss Poor. This was released as of May 3rd, 2019 and after listening to this fully, I’ll let you guys know. It. Is. A Trip. It is like I’m listening to so many things but at the same time, I know that it’s the same band. There aren’t kidding when they say they have several influences in their Revival Recordings Bio, which is what I listed at the start of this article’s beginning statement. Now, this is a review, so at this point, you know the drill. I will be looking at vocals, instrumental work, production, etc.  So, let’s review Piss Poor by Feverwar.

To begin, we have the instrumental work. Feverwar is insane. I have never heard so many elements of other genres mixed so seamlessly before. You can hear what elements are what, but, again, they just mesh so well. Everything sounds like its played to perfection and it’s just something fun and, by far, different, to listen too. I can also clearly hear everything in each track and how it’s played, and the sound produced is so clear and concise that it just adds to the texture of the EP. This is also probably due to the production being on point as well. Again, very crisp and clear, but still maintaining power. Whoever did the mixing and mastering on this did spectacular.

Furthermore, let’s talk about the vocals. The vocals really seem to get carried in tracks and at other times the vocals carry the tracks. I’d say another impressive aspect is the synergy between them and the instrumentals at work. Each time a song switches up its tone so does the vocalist. They really compliment each other well, and, the vocals, in and of themselves, are great and versatile.

To close, I have a developed an affinity for this EP and I’m sure others are as well. Any praise that this band receives is well deserved as this was a very intense and, again, fun, experience. I hope to see them live so I can see how all this EP will play out in person! I am certain whoever does see them will fall in love with them and I’m excited to see what more they will bring to the table. I hope it gets crazier. I hope it never ceases to be a unique experience. I hope to see them continue to create. Do not sleep on this band. Revival picked themselves a great band. Check out their debut EP Piss Poor. Thank you, once more to Revival Recordings. I thoroughly enjoyed this and am grateful they reached out. I will post social media links and a music video of theirs so you can hear them for yourselves, but have a great week everyone.

Feverwar – Porchmouth (Stream Video)

Links:                                                                           Score: 9.5/10