Review – Flaw – Vol. IV: Because Of The Brave

Artist: FLAW

Album: Vol. IV: Because Of The Brave

Rating: 9/10


The band FLAW has had an interesting year with a huge tour with Farewell To Fear and teasing an album with the hilarious antics of Steven Colbert buying them a new tour van and dropping some love their way.  The new line up of FLAW with Rob Buttorff, Tommy Gibbons and George Octobous has proven that they are far from done. I was invited to check out the new album, ” Vol. IV: Because Of the Brave” to see how they are gonna rock our socks of in 2019.

Conquer This Climb” was the initial single release for the album, with a heavy fade in and top shelf vocals from Chris Volz, this was a single that got alot of attention even through the ranks of late night as Steven Colbert dropped the fact the band needed a new tour van and pushed it for them, only to later have them as a guest and even shut down the set to make a ‘video’ which turned out amazingly awesome.

I was able to catch FLAW live a few months ago and I have to say the photos don’t do the band justice. They had crowd interaction, they had energy and  rocked the roof off the venue. FLAW blew everyone away and there is still more to come.

The album, ” Vol. IV: Because Of The Brave” starts off burrowing right into your ear drums with, “Persistence” delivering some heavy ambiance and hard driven vocals that really kicks off the album with some intensity. “Because Of the Brave” is the title track and an anthem encasing courage and sacrifice and delivers a sound of overcoming obstacles in life.

FLAW has been a mainstay in the hard rock/metal scene for over twenty years. With Chris Volz at the helm, the band has been touring the country nonstop. FLAW’s latest release, “VOL IV: Because of the Brave”, hits hard with a heavy sound perfect  for a good headbang. Amongst the rocking hooks, the band delivers with a mix of tracks that are personal, intensely patriotic, and heartfelt lyrics and emotion.


Video for “Conquer This Climb” from The Late Show w/ Steven Colbert


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