Review: Fourth Quarter Comeback – The Only Way We Know



Artist: Fourth Quarter Comeback
Album: The Only Way We Know
Rating: 5/5

1. Back to Sleep*
2. Hold Your Breath*
3. Drama Queen
4. All In
5. New Girlfriend
6. Awake*


For those of you who have been following this site for awhile, you will recall my review of Fourth Quarter Comeback’s debut EP “Finders Keepers” which I hailed as a pop-punk phenomenon. Well, folks, the Fairfax foursome have done it again! This time, rather than sounding like New Found Glory, they have embraced a sound all their own. If you want a fun, good-time record, look no further! This EP has deep lyrics and keeps you dancing all the way to the end. These guys are on their way to bigger things and I’m happy to be along for the ride!

Key Tracks:

Back to Sleep: “One drink too many, and I’m finding out how hard I fall.” The opening lyrics tell you that this is going to be a love song, but it’s not typical by any means. This track is about love lost. He wants to fall “Back to Sleep” so that he can have her back in his arms. We’ve all had that one relationship that just seemed so perfect. This particular one was 4 years, any one who has experienced true heartbreak, will know that this isn’t a simple matter to get over. This song expresses that.

Hold Your Breath: ┬áThis song almost has a Secondhand Serenade quality to it. It’s a song about new beginnings, about trying new things. Running away and breaking free from the chains of normality. Catchy verses and an equally catch chorus make this a really fun song to listen to.

Awake: The EP’s first single and also the slowest song on it. This track is an acoustic track that pulls you in from the start and keeps your attention to the end. It’s a love song, as are most of the songs on this EP. That shouldn’t be a surprise because most pop-punk songs are about this subject. Some capture the feeling more than others and this is one of those tracks. I almost cried the first time I heard this one.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is an incredible EP by a band I already loved! It’s got every element you look for in a good pop-punk record and doesn’t get boring or overly sappy. The vocals are captivating, the lyrics are heartfelt, and you will find yourself playing this one over and over. Go pick up your copy of “The Only Way We Know” out now!