Review: Full Devil Jacket – 7 Times Down (Single)


Artist: Full Devil Jacket
Album: 7 Times Down – Single
Rating: 5/5

Full Devil Jacket is a name that is quickly gaining recognition throughout many parts of the world. They released their first album in 1999, played some MASSIVE shows (99′ Woodstock, Slipknot’s “Tattoo the Earth” and world tours with Creed, Sevendust, Fuel and Nickelback) and then, seemingly, dropped off the face of the earth. However, this awesome fivesome is back and better than ever! Their latest single. “7 Times Down” is a track that will have you banging your head and could even be a fight theme. The track, to me, seems to be about escaping your inner demons. “Too much is never enough, feeding the beast is killin’ me, thrillin’ me. Three days to kick the sickness, feelin it. God help me to get free again!” I suppose there are many ways that this track can be interpreted, I get a substance abuse addiction out of it as well. I guess it’s up for interpretation, but I digress. This track is definitely going to steam roll itself up the charts when it gets released October 10th. This song is raw, gritty and consists of everything that makes a hard rock track worth listening to. Vocalist Josh Brown gives a little southern flavor with his vocals that gives this track even more of an identity. Overall, it’s a song that I can see myself, and countless others, playing over and over again. Like I said, I can also see it being used for a fight theme, to pump someone up for one or just a track that people will relate with lyrically. It all depends on how you interpret the track yourself. Do yourself a favor and go listen to “7 Times Down” when it’s released! You’ll be glad you did!
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