Review: A Future Corrupt – Reasons to React (Single)



Artist: A Future Corrupt
Album: Reasons to React – Single (Youtube link)
Rating: 4/5

Hailing from Buffalo, NY A Future Corrupt is no normal deathcore band. Their newest single, “Reasons to React” is a big fuck you to the government. It tells of the lies and deceptions we face each day. It tells how we’re told how things will “get better” but in reality, they always get worse. We’re fighting a war over nothing. We will continue to fight this war until there is nothing left. Unless we react, we must strike back fast and hard or fall into a future so bleek, your mind cannot possibly fathom it. This is a very dark theme and a very difficult one to tackle, but this band has done an excellent job of it. Disguised under the crushing instrumentals and blood-curdling screams, lies a rally to the troops. Prepare yourselves and get ready to destroy mosh pits everywhere with this track! This is one you will not soon forget! Check the track out at the above link and get ready for their debut EP “Decay” later this year!