Review: Future Leaders of the World – Reveal

Artist: Future Leaders of the World
Album: Reveal
Rating: 9.0/10

Track List:
1. Live Again
2. Intoxicate
3. Sink or Swim
4. All In Your Eyes
5. Can’t Let Go
6. The Killing Blow
7. Our Secrets
8. Mirror
9. Wherever The Wind Blows
10. Best Child
11. Rain
12.  Not Forsaken

Future Leaders of the World: a band that should need no introduction. Formed in 2002 by vocalist/guitarist Phil Taylor, this alternative/post-grunge/rock outfit released their debut album, LVL IV  on Epic Records which put them among the top names in their genre and spawned the timeless singles “Let Me Out” and “Everyday”. They toured with bands like Seether, Alter Bridge, Chevelle, Scott Weiland and more during their extensive touring schedule from 2004-2009, even serving as co-headliners on the Sno-Core tour! While they’ve sort of fallen off of the radar, it would seem, they’re back with a brand new album to prove that they’re not slowing down! Reveal (out on March 10th, via new label Pavement Entertainment) is a rebirth, of sorts, for the band.. the band moved to a different location, had some issues and have come back stronger than ever. Now that they’ve got everything stabilized, all systems are go and they’re ready to prove that they’re stronger than ever with 12 brand-new tracks! Taylor’s vocals, much like a modern day Kurt Cobain, are sure to blow you away as he tears through songs like “Our Secrets”, “The Killing Blow” and more.  What is it that makes this album worth your time, though?

Well… let’s start with the opener, “Live Again”. Straight out of the gate, you’re smacked in the face by a radio rock-esque riff, followed by Taylor’s vocals which start off soft and melodic, but somehow befitting of the semi-heavy nature of the track. When the chorus comes in, you’re quickly reminded of exactly why you loved this band in the first place! Taylor’s vocals soar, taking on a new aggressive form as he proclaims, “Never be the same/There’s no one left to blame/I can see myself through the window of your pain/What have I become?/This life has made me numb/Come and break my heart, so I can live again!” But it’s that end “So I can live again!!!” scream that really clenches it for this track… all the while, everything instrumentally chugging along as it should, nothing out of the ordinary for a hard rock track.

Then we’re thrown into “Intoxicate” which is considerably heavier, bouncier and even pretty catchy! This track has little melody to it, it’s more of an in-your-face, gritty hard rock track that will get you moving and, maybe, even a bit anthemic in nature! My favorite part is the weird little riff after the chorus, though! You’ll have to check it out to see what I’m talking about!

Of course, the band has to show a softer side and few tracks that this band have released show that then the versed portions of “Can’t Let Go”. Taylor’s voice almost sounds like the reincarnation of Layne Staley, may he Rest in Peace, I honestly had to check and see that I wasn’t listening to an unreleased Alice in Chains track the first time I heard it! Being that this band prides itself on that post-grunge flavor, I really hope Taylor can take that compliment for what it’s worth because there are few who can bring that type of sound, along with extreme emotion, out in a track like this. This track transitions to something a little heavier through the chorus, also.

The rest of the album is amazing, as well. With tracks like “The Killing Blow” incorporating a kooky organ part, the acoustically-driven “Mirror” (and that solo… my goodness!), and “Best Child” this album will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. It seems the point in creating this album, beyond the fact that fans wanted new music, was to prove that FLOW stand tall, no matter what is thrown at them. You’d be wise to pick up your copy of Reveal on March 10th through Pavement Entertainment! Don’t miss out!

Future Leaders of the World is:
Taylor Mayd – Vocals/Guitar
Ian Severson – Guitar
Jarred Mosely- Bass
Russell Bullock – Drums