REVIEW: Galactic Pegasus – Homecoming [Single/EP – 2015]


Artist: Galactic Pegasus

Album: Homecoming – EP


When it comes to progressive metalcore, few names bear the same kind of weight as Galactic Pegasus. Not simply because they have a relatively unique name, but because their blend of entrancing technicality and eviscerating heaviness are matched by few and exceeded by none—and if their most recent EP Pariah wasn’t proof of that, Homecoming definitely is. With three re-imagined tracks from their previous releases and one all new barn-burner of a song, Homecoming reigns in Galactic Pegasus as the kings of djent’s figurative “court,” strengthening their iron grip over the genre.

“Homecoming” is an incredible blend of Galactic Pegasus’ ability to be brash and their ability to soothe the listener with ethereal, atmospheric elements. These British Columbian brutalizers kick the track off with a catchy, quick groove that showcases percussionist Dallas Turner working side-by-side with bassist Johnny Ciardullo to create a fluid, rushing torrent of sound. However, as “Homecoming” matures, Turner and Ciardullo’s bombastic bounce gives way to the true spectacle of Galactic Pegasus’ glorious instrumentation: the fretwork of guitarists Andrew Baena and Cooper Lagace. Baena and Lagace give this Canadian quintet’s otherwise intriguing instrumental efforts sharp claws and gnashing teeth that grab the listener by the throat and chew them to shreds. This is especially true of the duo’s ability to transition—another aspect of their excellence showcased in “Homecoming”—as the ethereal, atmospheric part of the single morphs into the climactic, crushingly heavy closing sequence. Here, the final piece to Galactic Pegasus’ puzzle drops into place, as frontman Andrew Hockley, transitions beautifully out of a crooned, cleanly sung portion into stuttering, superbly patterned shrill screams that grate the listener’s ears like blocks of fleshy cheese. In the context of Homecoming’s instrumental brilliance, Hockley adds intensity and energy to even the most ambient parts of the band’s progressive side.

Homecoming is indeed a veritable homecoming for Galactic Pegasus—while the quintet are busy working on their upcoming full length album, this brief display of blistering talent reminds the listener who the real kings of djent are. With melody and emotion combined with bouncy heaviness enough to rival Volumes or Structures, Galactic Pegasus are reminders that it’s good to be king.



For Fans Of: Volumes, Structures, Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya

By: Connor Welsh