Review: Gideon – Out of Control

Artist: Gideon
Album: Out of Control
Label: Equal Vision Records

AL’s Gideon have been no stranger to musical experimentation over the years. While their first few albums had a lot of religious overtones, the band has since grown out of a need to cater to that crowd, instead focusing on musical substance and real life experience. This has allowed them to explore new horizons in the realms of core music. Their latest album, Out of Control, sees the band lean further away from their hardcore roots and more into a more nu-metal/metalcore sound. While their last album, Cold, packed more than a little punch, it allowed them to create more atmospheric and meaningful material… effectively earning them their highest selling album to date. Now, they’re back with a sound that fits who they are.

Tracks like “Sleep” explore a more aggressive direction, lyrically and a desire to clap back at any one who has doubted them over the years. Moreso, this track in particular speaks on the existence of enemies and an overwhelming desire to squash them from existence. This track seethes venom, from the low-tuned, chugging guitars to the nu-metal esque guitar tone. Vocalist Daniel McWhorter explodes with power here and quickly reminds you why he’s becoming one of the more prolific artists in the scene.

If you really want an example of how far they’re willing to dive into that nu-metal sound, head over to “Low Life” or “Southwind” which both sound like they came straight from the explosion of the movement in the early 00s. Bouncy, aggressive and catchy as hell this track is definitely a stand out on the album. The latter of which even explores a bit more of an active rock sound during the chorus and mixes a lot more of the hardcore elements they’ve been known for.

“Denial” explodes with ferocity and is the closest throwback to their original sound. This track is punchy, aggressive and overall just fun to listen to. There is some clear Hatebreed influence here, as well, in terms of how the track comes across. It would be interesting to see the two on a tour together and hear tracks like this in comparison with one another… or a collaboration between McWhorter and Jamey Jasta. The similarities in their vocal styles (and the difference in their sounds) would be incredible.

The album closes out with “Bite Down,” one of the band’s heaviest tracks to date while only coming in at 3:01. This track sounds like it borrows from the current explosion of down-tempo that has swept the nation. Low, slow and overall devastating, they make sure that there is never a dull moment. We hear McWhorter explore a more rap-screamed style to his vocals, as well.

While not necessarily breaking the mold, Gideon has managed to create an album that truly shows their full potential. Never shying away from an opportunity to show a different side, their willingness to be different works out in their favor. Overall, Out of Control, is just the type of album that they needed to create to one-up Cold and will please fans, both old and new, in spades. Be sure to pick up your copy, out on Equal Vision Records now!

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Gideon are:

Daniel McWhorter – Vocals

Tyler Riley – Guitar

Jake Smelley – Drums

Caleb Derusha – Bass

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