Review – Gin Blossoms – Mixed Reality

Artist: Gin Blossoms

Album: Mixed Reality

Rating: 10/10

“Warning: Loud Drums, Lots Of Guitars And Some Singing With Curse Words”


When I first heard about Gin Blossoms having a new album, I knew I had to be involved. This band gave us quite a few nostalgic hits from the 90’s and if you didn’t know them, you didn’t know good music. The hits like, “Hey Jealousy” to “I Heard About You” are timeless and are hint to our childhoods and still make us think of a better time. At least, I remember waiting by the radio to add the songs to my mixtapes.


Gin Blossoms had a way of having a mellow, emotional way to rock, and this is still true. But like most bands emerging in this day, and age the album, “Mixed Reality” it’s just a bit more mature.

“Break” is a mellow trip to a more updated Gin Blossoms. The track has echoed vocals and retains integrity. Leadman Robin Wilson doesn’t seem strained and is vocally solid. This is a glimpse for a more mature Gin Blossoms, and that solo, the guitar solos are incredibly placed in this track.

“Devil’s Daughter” is a witty, even mature track, it does have some explicit lyrics, which is why it’s a hilariously awesome song to hear from the Gin Blossoms, while unexpected it does offer some great vocals and instrumental work is great, from drums to of course the riffs.

“Forever Is This Night” is definitely going down to me as a summer time anthem. It makes you think of a beach bonfire, or playing in the background of a barbeque, it’s a bubbly, feel good type of track which places it as a stand out track to me off the album.

“Tell me do you think it’d be all right
If I could just crash here tonight
You can see I’m in no shape for driving
And anyway I’ve got no place to go.”

Gin Blossoms — Hey Jealousy

“Shadow” this track is a very rocking song on the album, you can tell they really went for it in this. The track offers up some clearly customized guitar riffs, vocals are very reminiscent of the 90’s and you are literally taken aback while still being able to distinguish the more maturer band.

Overall, Gin Blossoms have shown us why they became the wildfire they are. With a mix of some nostalgia and a bit of summertime feel, Gin Blossoms have impressed me. I’ll be listening to this album all summer.


“Did you love me? Only in my head.
Things you said and did to me
Seemed to come so easily
The love I thought I’d won you give for free”

Gin Blossoms — Found Out About You

Featured Video: “Hey Jealousy”

Featured Video: “Found Out About You”

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