Review: Godsmack – 1000 HP


Artist: Godsmack
Album: 1000 HP
Rating: 10/10

Modern Hard Rock can not be discussed without discussing Boston’s no-holds-barred badasses, Godsmack. For the past 19 years, they have been devastating the radio, whether you like it or not. Since the release of their debut, break-out single, “Keep Away” they have slowly been taking over the world, one barfight, shot of Jack and screaming crowd at a time! Even if you aren’t a fan of the band, you’ve likely heard the band’s most popular single “Voodoo”. Everyone I know, regardless of age, musical preference or any other standing can quote that track verbatim, including myself. To many fans, they fell off of the wagon with the release of their last album, The Oracle. Why did this album not have such a great impression on some fans? Simple, with growth comes change! With the addition of new elements (including some new instruments), this album took a much different direction than previously explored. In essence, though, it was still the same ‘Smack flavor, just in new packaging so-to-speak. The Oracle was one of those albums that the band knew would grow on their fan-base after time and it did just that with a peak spot of #1 on the Billboard 200 charts, along with the Rock, Digital, Alternative and Hard Rock charts! 4 years after the release of that album, 1000 HP is born. Just as the name suggests, it goes from 0 to kick-your-ass in seconds flat!

The lead single/title track comes out of the gate and leaves all pre-conceived notions you may have had about ‘Smack selling out in the dust! Telling the story of the band’s upbringing, this track leaves the haters behind and brings back the old-school ‘Smack flavor you may have been craving. For every heavier track, though, there is a track such as “Something Different”, which takes a bit of an emotional turn both lyrically and musically. The album covers a variety of subjects such as “Generation Day”, which tackles the state of evolution in terms of technology, how things are done in the world and the positive/negative aspects of all that entails. Of course, there are the classic “middle finger to the doubters” type of tracks like “FML” which will have the listener reminded of the fact that vocalist Sully Erna leaves everything on the table when it comes to writing. Were you looking for a track more like “Cryin’ Like A Bitch”? Reportedly aimed at a certain fellow musician, that track generated a lot of publicity, didn’t it? Well, I’m sure you will find yourself  jumping for joy when you hear “Locked & Loaded”, which sends a big middle finger salute to all of those who would fake their interest in the band, just to get a story out of them, Erna especially.

Make no mistake about it, I can not find a single reason to dislike any aspect of this album! Granted, they still manage to cover new ground but they do it in a way that bridges the gap, rather than throw something experimental out there. 1000 HP might take a few listens to truly appreciate but I guarantee that it is worth every second of your time. The band had something to prove to fans. What’s that? Simple: The ‘Smack is Back! Combining elements of old and new, as well as continuously experimenting with new ways to improve their sound are all things that make this band worth keeping an eye on. So, what might be next for Erna and Godsmack? Stay tuned, only time will tell! In the meantime, pick up 1000 HP, out now on Universal Music Group, which I am labeling THE hard rock album of the Summer! Check out the first 2 singles, “1000 HP” and “Generation Day” below and  use the appropriate link to order yourself a copy!

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“1000 HP” (Official Audio)

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