REVIEW: (həd) p.e. “Evolution”


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(həd) p.e. is a mix of punk, metal, and rasta music that has a unique sound and groove to it. That is their unique calling card that they’ve proclaimed since 1994. They recently signed to Pavement Music to release their ninth album “Evolution” which drops this summer. Perfecting the gangsta groove metal style they’ve performed their whole career while adding some ambient relaxing sounds that stand out on a few tracks.

The instrumental work on this album is the best of (həd) p.e.’s career so far. Heavy and pulverizing while having some chill relaxation mixed in, I couldn’t help but rock out from start to finish. You’ll be turning the volume up to 11 for the entire duration making sure your entire neighborhood hears this groove metal masterpiece. Lyrically the album is the same you would expect from (həd) p.e. with the violent, don’t give a fuck attitude. Both of these elements combine to make a very memorable record.

The only issue I have with the record is halfway through the album it starts to just drag on. It feels like retreaded ground in a way, and by the last three tracks I felt myself having to force myself to finish. The songs are okay, but compared to the first half of the record they are just lacking.

Despite that (somewhat sizable) flaw, I find this album to be an overall enjoyable record. I can’t see myself putting it on repeat for more than maybe a couple days at a time, but I know this will have it’s crowd of fans. It’s not winning over any naysayers, but with a hardcore fanbase like (həd) p.e., it won’t have to. I recommend checking this album out ASAP.