Review: Haddonfield – The Misery EP


Artist: Haddonfield
Album: The Misery EP
Written By: PineCone Tim

Misery (noun) : a state or feeling of great distress or discomfort of mind and body. Haddonfield’s debut EP “The Misery EP” leaves the listener with a curtain feeling of misery. Coming in at about a half hour (28 mins) the EP takes the listener on a twisted and dark eerie journey. Opening with a daunting piano and haunting vocals, leading into the initial track. The song is almost literally dripping with emotion. With a roaring and explosive charge, this song is sure to make listeners want to keep the journey going.

If this band doesn’t have your attention yet, once “Words” begins (which the band chose as a debut single) With a constant barrage of monstrous tones and filthy uncleans, not to mention the addictive chorus, this track is another standout on the impressive debut.

Each track on this notable label debut greatly displays the talent this band has and lives up to their motto of not having “weak links” in the band. They have set the bar high for other bands in this genre and it will be difficult to top them.

For being a self released album, the band have truly have outdone themselves with this release. The band has made a name for themselves among many in the scene and they plan to keep that momentum whether you or your inner critic have anything to say about it.

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