Review: I Hate Heroes – Save Yourself

Artist: I Hate Heroes
Album: Save Yourself

What do you get when you take an extreme dedication to fans, an incredible and explosive live show, mixed with a mass amount of talent in the state of Pennsylvania? You get I Hate Heroes! This band has been on my radar for awhile, due to the active nature of their social media (specifically interaction with their fans) and the rumors I’ve heard about how incredible their live show is. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to witness it for myself but if everyone you talk to, who HAS, agrees that they are in the top shows they’ve ever seen… they’re bound to be right! After forming from the remnants of multiple bands, they headed into the studio to record their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and their crushing debut single, “Rebirth.” This started them down a path that has led to earlier this month, the release of their debut album, Save Yourself. Whether you’re looking for a catchy hook, a sick breakdown or just something that sounds GOOD (from production to execution) look no further! They’ve come a long way from If Life Were a Book, I’d Skip This Chapter, their debut, self-released EP.

The haunting keys and electronics that open the album with “Here’s to You” are a precursor that lets you know that this album isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. On the contrary, it touches on some tough subjects, in the pursuit of letting the listener know that they’re not alone. Additionally, these songs seek to force the listener to realize that there’s more to life than the superficial. This is a dark, brooding album that explores the idea of cutting toxicity from one’s life and heading towards a path of self-salvation. With vocals that command the audience to listen/heed the words that are sung, with conviction, groove-driven guitars, bombastic drums and catchy melodies, the listener will be filled with a variety of emotions.

Save Yourself is anthemic, heartbreaking and uplifting, all in one fell swoop. Made more impressive by the fact that these guys remain independent through it all, refusing to bend to the rules of the industry that seeks to chew up and spit out new artists. It’s a call to arms against anything that stands in your/their way from fulfilling their wildest dreams. A post-hardcore masterpiece that begs to be heard, regardless of your views of the current state of the genre. Be sure to pick up your copy, out now, via the links below and start your own journey to Save Yourself!

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I Hate Heroes is:
Ephraim Francis – Vocals
Ricky Nachurski – Guitar
Matt Cellini – Bass
Nicholas Nachurski – Drums