REVIEW: Hatebreed – “The Divinity of Purpose” (2013)



Artist:  Hatebreed [Facebook]

Album:  “The Divinity of Purpose”


  1. Put It to the Torch
  2. Honor Never Dies
  3. Own Your World
  4. The Language
  5. Before the Fight
  6. Indivisible
  7. Dead Man Breathing
  8. The Divinity of Purpose
  9. Nothing Scars Me
  10. Bitter Truth
  11. Boundless (Time to Murder It)
  12. Idolized and Vilified

After four-years-worth of practicing, shows and tours – these kings of hardcore are back.  The grammy-nominated hardcore act Hatebreed returns with their newest album, “The Divinity of Purpose,” bringing their fans what they’ve been waiting for.  These boys haven’t lost their touch, either, or their ability to write and put together a well-sized full-length.  Sit down, relax and pop this record in for a spin, once you grab it, and give this a read, because this is my review of Hatebreed’s new album, “The Divinity of Purpose”; don’t call it a comeback!:

The Good:

No need to worry, and no need to expect the worst, because Hatebreed have come back just as hard and just as strong!  Keeping up the sound they’ve grown into and that their fans can’t get enough of, Hatebreed return with “The Divinity of Purpose” with all they’ve got.  This album is full of powerful chugs, unforgiving and pounding, and, to me personally, the vocals have even gotten better – giving more of an intense sound off than in past records.  Like breakdowns?  Hope so, because this album doesn’t hold back on what we’ve all come to know as the “breakdown,” and when they hit, they hit hard – the drums and symbols going off loud, the bass and guitars letting it all out – some of the sweetest breakdowns of the year so far.  Obviously, since their last album, Hatebreed have had time to think and seal up a few feelings, as you’ll be able to hear in this full-length, with tracks like “Own Your World,” talking about taking a stand!  Burning the bridge!  Making what you want yours, with your head up high, “We are the f—ing world tonight!”  And if you think that’s where it stops, then I don’t know why you’re reading this, because you must not know Hatebreed at all.  This record gives an emotional breaking point a sound, and that emotion is obviously a big mixture of anger and hate – two things Hatebreed is well known for, it’s even in the name.  “Divinity of Purpose” is a record about taking what’s yours, about having meaning, being you and doing whatever you want – having a purpose!  Oh, and about violence – but you probably already guessed that, didn’t you?  If you’re angry, grab this album and let the world hear just how mad you are through your speakers – whether they make out the lyrics and hear verbally how you feel, or hear the wrecking and devastating blows of the music, your message will get across.

The Bad:

The only bad things in this record are very slim – barely even there.  The record was, at many points, a fragment slower than previous releases – this could just be a personal complaint, considering when I listen to Hatebreed, I love to hear them pound away at my ear drums with an unforgiving onslaught of sound.  Do not be discouraged though!  This album still hits hard, and does go quick – but the slow bits are there, and are obvious – scarring, maybe, even.  Aside from that, its only other flaw is that this album sounds a lot like other albums, and the songs sound a lot like one another – that’s a band’s intention, though, to keep up the quality and sound they love and that their fans love, but…  Sometimes, changes are good – this isn’t a feeling shared among all fans, though, which is made obvious daily by people being upset by member and sound changes in bands, but I guess most would agree that change can be a good thing.  Not necessarily an improvement, considering Hatebreed already pleases their loving and adoring fans, but a good thing nonetheless.


This is a Hatebreed record, to the bone.  This is, in no way, mistakable for another band – anyone who takes this album and listens to it will get that sound they love to hear from Hatebreed, but, truly, those who expected a new sound or a big change to have occurred, you will be disappointed.  Overall, though, this is an absolutely good record, ready to be loved by all hardcore fans and the like!

Stand-Out Track:

“Boundless (Time to Murder It)”:  This unprecedented assault of hardcore mastery is the stand-out this time around because, well, it seems to be the big “Hatebreed song” on the record.  By this, I mean, it pretty much covers everything that Hatebreed is about:  anger, violence, hate, energy and power.  This is a powerful track, and doesn’t hold anything back – nor does it comfort.  This is a song that’ll get you pumped, mad and ready to beat the brains out of anyone in your path – sounds like a Hatebreed song, huh?


After waiting four years for a new record, fans and new-coming listeners alike will not be disappointed!  This record hits hard and does every album preceding it justice – Hatebreed, again, have hit the nail right on the head with this soon-to-be hardcore hit in the making!  “The Divinity of Purpose” releases on the twenty-ninth of January in the US and Canada, the twenty-eight in the UK, and dropped on the twenty-fifth in E.U. and IRE!  Pick it up, put it in, and get ready to go crazy!

Rating:  9.3 / 10

For Fans Of:  Lionheart, Madball, Sick of It All