REVIEW: My Heart To Fear- The Draft [EP]


Artist: My Heart to Fear
Album: The Draft [EP]
Release Date: August 26th, 2016
Genre: Progressive Metalcore

After three long years of what seemed like musical “limbo”, My Heart to Fear has at last returned, powerfully reminding the world that they aren’t stopping any time soon with their new release, “The Draft”. Freshly signed to Luxor Records, the metalcore quintet has had a seemingly turbulent past few years, but shows no signs of letting up. “The Draft” opens with the track, “Rent Past Due”, which lulls the listener in with a sort of eerie ambiance created by a single, echoing and droning voice that, with the addition of the pleasantly unique vocals of Trevor Pool, gradually builds into a heavy kick that sets the pace for the rest of the run.

“The Draft”, is noticeably darker in musical and lyrical tones than My Heart to Fear’s previous efforts, which all the more heightens the sense of urgency that the release conveys. The next couple of songs, however, springboard off of the slower first track, to more upbeat and at times, blistering tempos, before winding back down to a more deliberate, heavy-hitting beat for the final moments of “The Draft”. It is an incredibly satisfying, and unquestionably brutal procession.

Intensely technical riffs and interesting, if not off-putting, clean choruses carry the listener throughout the EP, along with the unapologetic and charged lyrics that Trevor delivers. Guitarists Dale Upright and Dan Pugh seamlessly transition from the aforementioned riffs, to punishing breakdowns, and back to soaring melodies with ease; showcasing the band’s maturity and development since their previous albums. Luke Brady also provides air-tight rhythms and beats on the drums, complemented by the solid work on the bass by Taylor Pool. With their individual elements synchronizing so well, My Heart to Fear has capably shown a refinement of their craft and their sound that will keep the listener coming back for more.

Although “The Draft” definitely keeps the band’s reputation of incredible technicality going, it is a deviation, if you will, from their previous effort, “Algorithm”. Where “Algorithm” boasted several cross-genre moments, “The Draft” does not venture far into “progressive” territory, but rather focuses on a more metalcore-driven sound. This does not hamper “The Draft” in terms of quality, however, yet those who are expecting a sound more similar to “Algorithm” should take note of this.

If there is anything about this release I personally do not like, it’s the EP’s brevity. Not even clocking in at fifteen minutes, this fantastic release feels “short, but sweet”, and I definitely want more after about three or four play-throughs. For those of you who dig the technical metalcore sound and top-notch quality of bands such as Texas in July and August Burns Red, “The Draft” is a definite must-listen, and My Heart to Fear is undoubtedly an act to keep an eye on.

by Chad Brown

Check out the title track “The Draft” below!

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