Review: These Hearts – Yours To Take



Artist: These Hearts
Album: Yours to Take
Rating: 8/10

Track List:
1. This Is Love (feat. Bert Poncet)
2. The Inconvenience
3. Psycho
4. Miserable
5. Been Through Hell
6. Last Man Alive
7. Birds of a Feather
8. Undecided Story
9. War (feat. Mattie Montgomery)
10. LOTR
11. Never Mind Me

Finding a perfect balance between pop and metal, up-and-coming Victory band These Hearts are proving to be quite a force on the scene these days. With the release of their debut album “Forever Ended Yesterday”, we saw some genre-crossing the likes hadn’t been seen since the “Homesick” days of their labelmates A Day to Remember. Now, the band has truly found their sound with their newest album “Yours to Take” which is scheduled to hit store shelves on July 9th. The first track released from the effort “Miserable” will find itself stuck in your head very quickly and no matter how you try, you won’t be able to get it out. As if that wasn’t enough, the opening track “This Is Love” featuring the frontman of Fearless Records band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! is a shout out to the fans. “But to be completely honest, we couldn’t do this without you. With my friends by my side, I could do this until I die. We couldn’t do this without you.” Shouting out to the bands who do what they do for the fans, rather than for the money. As we all know, bands who do things strictly for the money tend to find themselves in peril fairly quickly. Everything this band does is for the fans and this track is completely about that. But the next track’s opening line is what pulled me into the album. “If you could have heard her screaming bloody murder!” is what we hear in the opening to “The Inconvenience” which is probably the heaviest track on the album, but it gets better. We get a little further in and find a guest spot from For Today frontman, Mattie Montgomery on the track “War”. The track itself is about exposing the fakes at their weakest moments. You almost can’t tell where Mattie comes in unless you really know the band, which makes the guest spot perfect! Are you sold yet? I thought so, but let’s press forward to the end. The slowest, most beautiful track that These Hearts has ever written is the final track on the album. “Never Mind Me” honestly reminds me of some of the older stuff that Mayday Parade put out. The track is about the lost feeling when you’ve been left alone after falling in love. “Never mind me, I will be here singin’ myself to sleep. Not a day goes by, I don’t wish that I was with you, by your side.” The track picks up a bit towards the middle and it starts to feel more like a TH song, then it slows back down before ending with a gorgeous fading piano part and acoustic guitar. The album, as a whole, is pretty great. Not perfect, not incredibly extraordinary, but great nonetheless. I definitely recommend picking it up! So what are you waiting for? Go pick up your copy of “Yours to Take” on Victory Records out on July 9th!

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