Review: Hide the Evidence – Soon, They’ll Forget Us


Artist: Hide the Evidence
Album: Soon, They’ll Forget Us
Rating: 5/5

The bands and staff of Afflicted Records are good friends of ours and they’ve got some great bands on their roster. One of those, Roseville’s Hide the Evidence has gone above and beyond in impressing me. Whether it be the aggression, the melody, the ferocity of the instrumentals coupled with it all or anything in between… HTE truly has got it all. Their debut EP, Soon, They’ll Forget Us is 3 tracks which clock in at about a total of 15 minutes, which feels short to me because I instantly want more but it doesn’t fail to show you why this band has impressed me so much.

The EP starts off with “Three Little Words”, which was originally premiered via popular promotion site BlankTV. Don’t let the intro fool you! You’re about to be thrown against the wall, begging for more and more of the punch that this band packs. The viciousness doesn’t stop there, though. Next, we’ve got “Punch Her in the Stomach” which is brutal enough by the title, but when you hear this track, you will want to break whatever you have near you into tiny pieces! I can only imagine how chaotic the scene is when these guys play this track live! It closes with “When Time Bends” which is easily the slowest, most melodic track on the EP but it gives an idea of just how diverse their musical spectrum can get.

Of course, we can’t forget the instrumentals which are fine-tuned and ready to smash your face in when it calls for it! Feel the anger, the aggression, the raw power through every beat, riff and bass line that is mustered up in this 15 minutes and know that you will never look at this band the same. Soon, They’ll Forget Us is available at all digital retailers now so choose your favorite and go check it out!