Review: Highway Saints – Highway Saints


Artist: Highway Saints
Album: Highway Saints
Rating: 10/10

If there’s a band that has been making waves since I discovered them a little over a month ago, it’s Richmond’s Highway Saints. I found their debut single, “Something For You” on YouTube one day while doing my weekly search for newer bands and instantly wanted more. The single itself is a testament to the heavier nature of the band, but that was only the beginning. Their debut, self-titled album is absolutely incredible! For every heavy track, you get a beautiful ballad and let me tell you… vocalist Zach Grabill has an incredible voice. This becomes very apparent on tracks like “Until the End”, which is a love song like no other. I could easily see this being played at a wedding, a dance, or something of the like. But what makes this band, their sound and the album so impressive is the way that each and every one of these tracks is delivered. You can tell, just by listening to one or two tracks, that they had a lot of fun creating this album, but they also made sure everything was as tight as they could get it. I’m sure many will find themselves green with envy at Patrick Verdi’s guitar skill. The backbone of the band, Chris Strickler’s ability to hit the skins without missing a beat will also impress fans.

I’ve found myself replaying this album time and time again since they put up the stream, will buy it as soon as I get the money and I recommend it for rock fans of every age. The 2nd single from the album, “Build Me Up (Tear Me Down)” is a bit more subtle than the previous single, but it wastes no time or energy in getting the job done. It will kick you in the teeth and show no remorse as you’re wiping the blood from your mouth! One of my favorite tracks, oddly enough, is the final track… an instrumental called “Nothing Left”. If you thought you heard everything that Verdi had to offer on the rest of the album, you were sadly mistaken. He goes all out on this track, delivering some of the most impressive guitar work I’ve ever heard! The band as a whole really shines through on this one!

Highway Saints has delivered the whole package with their debut! If you’re into melody, heavy riffs, beautiful vocals or anything in between, this album has it all! So what are you waiting for? Get on board and pick up your copy of “Highway Saints”, officially out today on iTunes!

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