Review: The Hollywood Kills – Coming of Age

Coming of Age Cover Square-1425

Artist: The Hollywood Kills
Album: Coming of Age
Rating: 5/5

Nashville’s The Hollywood Kills are a group of musicians the likes of which you’ve never heard! Taking Rock n Roll, throwing a little punk influence and washing it all down with a slight pop flavor, this band is set to be the band to watch in 2014. The band consists of 4 extremely talented musicians. ┬áTheir new EP, “Coming of Age” is wholly impressive! From the title track, opening the album, to the 5th and final track, “Honey”, you won’t stop bobbing your head.

I think the coolest track on the EP, though, is “Rag Doll” because it throws a little soul into the molotov cocktail of genres that this band manages to touch on. It’s a track about getting fed up with being mistreated in a relationship, standing up and telling that person to shove off! It’s not often that a band of less than 5 musicians manages to catch my ear in the way that The Hollywood Kills does. THK really know what they’re doing. They are top caliber and you will not stop moving from beginning to end.

The EP, clocking in at just over 17 minutes, is one that you can pick up when you’re in a sour mood. It’ll set your mood right quick and have you singing along, as though nothing ever happened. Pick it up, using the link below and discover why I believe The Hollywood Kills will break free from the underground with “Coming of Age”!

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