Review: Honey Revenge Conjures Nostalgic Feelings with Thriller Records Debut, “Retrovision”

Artist: Honey Revenge
Album: Retrovision
Label: Thriller Records

We’ve all found ourselves longing for the days when pop/rock was at it’s peak. When artists like Avril Lavigne, Orianthi, Hey Monday and Paramore were at the top of their game. Few bands have touched on that nostalgia in a way that sits with a listener the way this next band has. The LA duo have crafted a sound that is synonymous with artists like these and found a way to make it more modern. Their debut Thriller Records release, Retrovision, is full of earworm choruses, heavy emotion and an overall fun vibe. Upon hearing the album’s lead single, “Rerun” I was instantly hooked and wanted more. Consisting of vocalist Devin Papadol and guitarist Donovan Lloyd, and produced by Zach Jones and Hiram Hernandez, this album will leave you wanting more the moment it ends.

The album opens up with “Airhead,” a bouncy, funk-driven track about, quite simply, just being human. It’s about taking emotions to the extreme and then not having the ability to fix what’s been damaged. Each song has its own vibe but same overall feel to it. For example, “Seeing Negative (Disappointment)” is a bit more faster-paced, with a mid-tempo drum beat and more of a rock feel to it than its predecessor. If you’re looking for something more on the pop side, you will likely find yourself drawn to the sassy, tongue-in-cheek “Habitual.” Perhaps you’re looking for something in between? The fast-paced, catchy and bouncy “Rerun” will be where those listeners can start. The album’s closer, “Distracted” while more ballad-like, wraps things up in a perfect bow. Showcasing each element that the album has to offer, this is the track that I feel is going to grow on listeners… even if it’s not liked upon first or second listen.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, when it comes to the realm of pop/rock, Retrovision has it. Being their debut album, it’s quite an impressive offering. Filled with catchy hooks, memorable lyrics and tons of emotion.. it’s just the type of album you’d want from a band of their caliber. They are currently about to begin their very first headline tour, so be sure to check out the dates below to see if they’re coming to your area! Retrovision is out now via Thriller Records and can be purchased via the links below.

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“Habitual” (Official Music Video)

“Are You Impressed?” (Official Music Video)

“Rerun” (Official Music Video)

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