Review – Hoobastank – Push/Pull


Artist: Hoobastank

Album: Push/Pull

Rating: 8.5/10


Oh boy Hoobastank, it’s been quite awhile for this band but, here they are with their new album, “Push/Pull” landing a huge surprise for fans and the media masses. “Push/Pull” is the upcoming sixth major studio album by American rock band Hoobastank, to be released on May 25, 2018 via Napalm. Hoobastank have dropped a few groovy singles off the album, “More Beautiful“, and title track, “Push/Pull” sending yester-year’s fans in a frenzy. While Hoobastank has taken it down a notch or two with some funky grooves, but, be assured there are some fantastic surprise tracks that will take you back with nostalgia.

Instead of trying to be trendy or anticipating how people will react, we did what made us happy. We played to our strengths. Take it or leave it.

–Doug Robb, Hoobastank

Push/Pull“, was named for the power struggles and codependency that goes on within any long-term relationship–including, but not only, marriage and a rock band.  The album, “Push/Pull”  nails a head-on attempt to the underappreciated 80s-90s alternative rock of U2, Duran Duran, INXS and even Tears for Fears, whose “Head Over Heels” cover gets a brawny, risky, yet refreshing take on the new collection.

The opening track, “Don’t Look Away” starts with an old record player of ambient music being fast forwarded, soon Grunge-like guitar with heavy bass intertwine along with a subtle hint of  the cymbals. The track offers somes solemn vocals that seem to linger be whispered in the verses, this is a consistent sound and set it up for the for the rest of the album.

Next, title-track “Push/Pull”  has the same sassy attitude potrayed in the opening track while the vocals retain a ‘laid back‘ tone. The track radiates as a perfect summer song, oozing a kinda pop-like vibe, and still demanding attention. The title track, “Push/Pull” was the second single release of the album.

Buzzkill (Before You Say Goodbye” is a stand out track on this album, while being a refresher and more mature Hoobastank, this track, takes you back to a more, “The Reason” era. The track offers up some killer bass lines and Doug’s echoing vocals deliver the track nice and fresh. This track will be appreciated by new and old fans.

The name ‘Hoobastank‘ you may ask, where did it come from? Well as Leadman, Doug Robb says, “Sometimes you make dumb decisions when you’re young, and that might have been one of them,” he adds, “It’s too late trying to peel that off and start something else at this point.”

“Head Over Heels” comes as a surprise cover for Hoobastank, but it is pulled off remarkably well, still having the key elements of the original Tears For Fears track. Doug’s vocals were tight to the original but he still managed to give it a certain flair that adds some type of Hoobastank twist to it, most certainly in the chorus. It’s definitely a track to look forward to.

“Fallen Star” is a track that sounds like a single release. It has more rock like angles, heavy drum lines, and Doug’s haunting mellow vocals. The track also offers up some excellent guitar strings work, that unifies the track together.

Overall, I would say that Hoobastank is still relevant, even more now with the refreshed vocals of Doug Robb, It still has many of the same ingredients that made them highly successful to begin with. “Push/Pull” brings with it, not only nostalgia and but a new outlook on Hoobastank’s music, this is due to a more 80’s retro influence brought into 2018 and also the addition of Chris Hesse’s back up vocals on some tracks. The album itself is a nice package of areminiscent look to Hoobastank and how much they have evolved as a band. “Push/Pull” is due out May 25th!

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Official Lyric Video for, “More Beautiful

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