Review: Hour 24 – Take Me Away (Single)


Artist: Hour 24
Album: Take Me Away (ft. Michael Martenson) – Single
Rating: 5/5

Rock bands with a strong female lead seem to be hard to take seriously for most people. However, you’re reading one reviewer’s opinion who is a big fan of bands like this! Hour 24 from Temperance, MI is one of the most impressive bands in this category that I’ve heard in quite some time!

Hour 24 is:
Rachel Mayer – Vocals
Dan Quigley – Guitar
Cody Sizemore – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Max Klein – Bass
Mike Neumann – Drums

Their debut single, “Take Me Away” features Michael Martenson (Boys of Fall) and is definitely a breath of fresh air into the foray of high-energy rock! Rachel’s vocals are a bit higher than what you might expect from this genre, but her vocal ability is incredible! Instrumentally, the track feels as though it might fit into a post-hardcore/metalcore type setting and when Michael’s screams come in, it pretty much solidifies that statement! Does that make it a bad track? No! It’s anything but typical and, to me, everything about this track from the vocals to the instrumentals and production was done flawlessly! If you haven’t checked this band out yet, check out “Take Me Away (ft. Michael Martenson)” below and go give them a like on facebook! Their debut full-length will be coming within the year! While you’re at it, pick up their debut EP “One Step At a Time”!

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“Take Me Away” Official Lyric Video

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