REVIEW: Hybrid – Angst [2013]


Band: Hybrid

Album: Angst


Looking for something different? I bet you are, people always have a desire for something new and fresh. Since progressing and evolving is part of human nature itself, there is always something new and fresh around; you just have to know where to look. The Spanish experimental metal band Hybrid have a newly released album that has this ”different” factor you are looking for: ”Angst”. Ironically enough, Hybrid shows no fear with this album and frantically draws outside the lines, or better yet, this band takes a black permanent marker and fucks up the existing lines so much that they create new ones in the process, and color those in as they see fit. As opposed to what you might think when you read the word Hybrid, this is not your average merger between existing genres, where the underlying genres can still be clearly heard. Instead ”Angst” takes little pieces from all over the metal universe and brilliantly mixes them all together in a huge blender.

The hard hitting factor of ”Angst” is noticeable right away as ”Flesh Fusion Treshold” immediately throws some searing drumming and spiking screams your way, this rawness goes exceedingly well with the dark, atmospheric guitar tones that soon follow, this first song is an excellent indicator that ”Angst” is a frenzying beast at heart, and is not afraid to show its teeth. ”Enter the Void” awaits you with even more skin shearing rawness, the up-tempo drumming and the heavy, chaotic guitars along with the towering shrieks create a pulverizing wall of sound. While this experimental brutality will never be far behind from this point onward, this is also the moment where the constantly changing style, the progression and the both heavy and tranquil atmospheres will become more obvious. The following ”Collapse to None” shows some jazzy and spacey elements amongst the destruction to mix it all up some, bringing even more diversity to the (already full) table. The next track ”Self Implosion” adds some different vocal styles, as well as even more experimental but hard hitting guitar work. Next up is an instrumental track, with progressive metal parts and even groovy jazz parts, Hybrid is forever changing while immersing you in the process, and at this point you will be immersed, trust me. ”Angst-Ridden Inertia” starts up where the previous song left off and slowly builds up to the face-grinding furiosity again. Being the last song on this full length with a song of this type; this is probably the best example of the odd but addicting variety that can be found on the album. Now only the last, longest and most atmospherical song ”Doomed to Failure” awaits the listener. Enjoy these 6 minutes of comforting-yet ominous guitar tones (and various other things), they will draw you in and seemingly prepare you for something more to come, perhaps another listen? With all the different things going on at once that’s a given, ”Angst” is another one of those timeless albums that don’t follow trends and therefore has infinite replay value.

I consider albums like ”Angst” to be THE definition of diversity, making an album sound fresh and different by the means of fusing various styles has become obligatory if you want to attract new fans, and this little trick will only work for so long until people catch on and lose interest. This rule does not apply to Hybrid however because of the progression in their music. Taking bits of only the best elements from genres such as Death Metal, Hardcore, Grindcore, Mathcore and Deathcore (and probably some more) to create a full frontal assault is unique in its own way but adding several other experimental samples and styles into the mix and making it all sound awesome is the sign of brilliant musicianship in my opinion, I bet Hybrid could even take a sample of my mom nagging and make it sound good somehow. Listening to ”Angst” from start to finish is an unique journey where you are allowed to appreciate the little extra things with every listen, but be warned: if you stop and smell the roses for too long you will be viciously cut down by a sea of razorblades flying out of your speakers.

Rating: 10/10

For fans of: Journal, Delusions of Grandeur, The Dillinger Escape Plan, War From a Harlots Mouth