REVIEW: I Kill Giants- Let It out

Rating: 4/5

Fusing jazz and punk elements, Boston MA’s, I Kill Giants are in a form, one of the most talented bands I have ever heard. This band has 295 likes on Facebook. That is absolutely appalling, and they rightfully deserve more. I have never quite heard a sound this unique before. Their jazz influenced sounds are so dynamic. They just released their debut ep, Let It Out. I was very fortunate to stumble onto this album on bandcamp. I was blown away. In this review, I’ll tell you about some of my favorite songs on the album, and what to expect from these guys in the future. Lets do it!

This whole album is very fun and delighting to listen to. I enjoy the grove beats, the guitar solos and the free form style. The musicianship is incredible and I’m shocked to know that not a lot of people know who these guys are. I would best explain their sound as a Jazz/Punk. Lots of swing and sweeps, and not much singing. Their lyrics about relationships and basically the album name is befitting for their feelings. This is a very short Ep, too short in my opinion. I thoroughly inspected this piece of work for almost 2 hours. I found so many things I loved.
Key Track: Covaleski
If I could explain this song in one word: Epic. An instrumental song, this is by far some of the greatest form of free form jazz and punk I have ever heard. Lots of drum solos and guitar swings. Tempo changes are a common matter in Jazz, and these guys are no stranger as well. The song has a great 4 time beat, then it does a complete 180 and goes to a 8/4 beat. The song has a very weird tone and I love it. Its one of those songs you put on when you want to be deep in thought or logic. It has all the makings of a very intelligent song. The riffs and sweeps are very impressive and the guitars and drums are spot on, no lags and no beat problems. This song has been on repeat for the last 30 minutes, I simply love it.
Final Thoughts
There are so many bands do the same thing, over and over again. Reproducing the watered down garbage we all are guilty of entertaining. I Kill Giants are a breath of very fresh air. I see this band blowing up and becoming huge in the next few years, if they play their cards right. The table is set for them. Why? Because their sound separates them from the other generic breakdown bands. This band brings passion, grove, soul, and meaning to its music. This 5 song ep, is a great ride. I do however, have one problem. The production is very sketchy to me. Low budget and really bassy at times. Obviously its a self produced cd, but I still think the drums and the vocals could have been a little better. Overall, this band gets a great 4/5 rating from the Transcendence. Give these guys a few years, and I just bet you they will be one of the bigger punk bands in the Boston area. Make sure you go to their facebook page and buy their ep! Great Job guys!

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