Review: I, The Oracle Defy Odds to Bring Fans “Psychosis”

1. Insomina
2. Rest/Less (feat. Jeremy Andersen of RVNT)
3. Fever Dreams
4. Who Am I?
5. Persecution Complex

Originally introduced to us as part of Afflicted Records (co-founded by our very own Jordan Swickard), West Virginia’s I, The Oracle has been on our radar for quite some time. With two EPs and one full-length under their belts, they’ve undergone some transformation in their sound but they have always stayed true to their roots. Post-hardcore/southern metal when they began, they’ve risen to be one of metalcore’s most promising up-and-comers and their latest EP, Psychosis, will be a testament to that. The journey, as well, has taught us just how persistent and determined the band can be. A change in producers, production delays and line-up changes are all issues that reared their ugly heads during the making of the album.

Let’s dive into the title of the record before we dive into its contents. As you may have guessed, it’s a concept EP and deals quite literally with its title. By definition “psychosis” is a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. Through the 5 tracks on this album, you will hear a different facet of this disorder and gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like to suffer from psychosis.

A deep rumbling comes from your speakers, unable to drown out the faded whispers and tortured scream of “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” and you’re thrown deep into “Insomnia.” While this track has a slower pace than the rest of the EP, it does a good job of “setting the scene” for what’s to come. The state of psychosis often goes hand in hand with insomnia, where lack of sleep is the enemy. While there is nothing particularly notable about this track, in terms of instrumentals or how it sounds… there is a crazy breakdown that comes almost out of nowhere.

One of my favorite tracks on the EP is “Rest/Less.” It’s relentless, it’s heavy and there is some clear Killswitch Engage influence in the guitar parts. It sounds like metalcore, when it was at its prime and its generally just a good listen. The chorus sees the pace slowed a bit but those double kicks layered underneath, keep a nice and heavy atmosphere. After the second chorus, it gets EVEN HEAVIER and the tone of the track changes completely before leading back into the final chorus.

If you want something that airs a bit more on the destructive side, you may want to turn to “Fever Dreams.” While there is a clean vocal section in the chorus, this is the shortest chorus on the EP. Another incredibly notable thing about THIS track is that there is a guitar solo that’s hard to ignore.

Psychosis does a great job in terms of story-telling (think a level like Get Scared’s Demons). In addition to that, the band’s delivery, the production value and the replay value are all top notch. I, The Oracle defied the odds and hit fans with their best display of talent to date and you’d be crazy not to check it out! Physical copies/bundles can be picked up directly from the band by hitting up their social media channels or, if you’re in the digital world, it can currently be bought on BandCamp with more outlets to follow.

I, The Oracle are:
PJ Kathcart – Vocals
Shayne Holder – Vocals
Don Smith – Guitar
Tim O’Neill – Guitar
Dakota Helton – Bass
Chris Shockley – Drums

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