Review: I, The Tormentor – Words of Deception (ft. Chris Fronzak of Attila)

I, The Tormentor- Words of Deception artwork


Artist: I, The Tormentor
Album: Words of Deception (ft. Chris Fronzak of Attila)
Rating: 5/5


If you know me, you’ll know that the one genre I am extremely picky about is death metal. I, The Tormentor has opened my eyes and shown me that there’s still hope for the genre! Immediately after the driving guitar intro and Waterboy quote, this track has you wanting to mosh and destroy everything in your path! For a demo, it’s pretty impressive! The lyrics are fucking chilling to the bone and amazing. As most death metal tracks, it has a deep, dark and sinister meaning behind it. What makes this track even more amazing besides that? It has one of the sickest vocalists on the scene, Fronz of Attila in it! Tearing it up about halfway through the song! I definitely recommend going to check out this killer track and get ready for all that I, The Tormentor has to offer. They just signed to Drop A Records and are going to tear the underground death metal scene a new one! I’ve done you the favor of linking the track above and the band’s page as well. Go show some love to the band and their label!