REVIEW: Incarcerate – Doomsday (Single/2013)


Artist: Incarcerate

Single: Doomsday


Blood from your lungs fills your mouth and drips from between the corners of your pursed lips.  Bitter, thick, and hot you spit it onto the pavement and get up—keep moving, you tell yourself. Betrayed by the only one on this planet you thought was on your side, it turns out the only part of your back they really had was the part they stuck the knife in deepest. Because of them, you’ve had to shed the sheep’s wool and become a shark—get busy moving or get busy dying. This is the same pulsating, pulverizing rage and gut-wrenching emotion behind “Doomsday,” the debut track by Incarcerate, the UK’s latest and greatest beatdown deathcore act.

“Doomsday” is every bit the climactic, pulse-pounding morsel of apocalyptic fury that its name would imply. Incarcerate begin brewing a bitter and emotional stew of resentment and anger with intense, deep percussion that resonates inside the listener’s ribcage and churns the chyme in their stomach. This immense percussion is amplified by the use of dynamic and diabolical bass drops and booming effects that mutilate the listener’s meninges and boil their brain. Overtop the percussion layer dynamic riffs and chug-laden fragments of fretwork that craft a sphere of visceral, tangible hatred around the listener. Furiously fretted and intense riffs shred and tear at the listener’s flesh, separating skin from bone and forcing the listener to truly empathize with the lyrics—the real fuel for Incarcerate’s furnace of fury. The lyrics—wretched and shouted by intense and intimidating vocals—are packed with absolutely obliterating anger and emotion driven by sentiments of corrupted camaraderie destroyed by betrayal and deception.

Before this day is done, you’ll get your revenge—while you might have lost blood and flesh from the knife crammed between your ribs, you’ve more than made up for it with newfound motivation and misanthropy. This is “Doomsday,” a completely immersive sensation of sinister, sheer evil. With a breakout, knockout and beatdown track like this, Incarcerate’s debut release will almost certainly be at the very top of 2014’s most anticipated releases list for fans of heavy music across the globe.



For Fans Of: Demoraliser, Martyr Defiled, Immoralist, Black Tongue, Tormentor Absolute

By: Connor Welsh