Review — Incubus — “8”

Artist : Incubus

Album : “8”

Rating: 9.5/10

Incubus​ has always reigned in the supreme of alternative rock for ages with hits like “Anna Molly” and “Drive” and who can forget the hit “Stellar“. With the road Incubus has paved, it only makes sense​ that there are some gems in this album “8” which is out now! The title “8“comes from it being their 8th album release.

They have brought the hits in many albums from “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.” and “Morning View” to “Light Grenades” and now they bring to you the album “8” which in many ways is reminiscent of the album “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.” which the Brandon Boyd was quoted as saying “In certain ways, it feels like it was a lifetime ago,” he says. “It feels like we’re just figuring out how to be a band and how to write a song, and we blink and it’s been 20-something years.”

There were three singles released from the album “Glitterbomb“, “State Of The Art” and “Nimble Bastard” it was a nice introduction to the album. The stand out of these would have to be “Glitterbomb” cause it stayed true to Incubus’s recognizable sound. The track had it high and low points with belted vocals to a nice backing it musical layout.

The track that really stands out to me is “Familiar Faces” which Skrillex helped produce. According to Rolling Stone Brandon Boyd said ““It was like there was one more lick to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop and we found it.” I think Boyd was right because the song really has a catchy shimmery addition to the album.

Another additional track that stands out is “Loneliest” cause it gives the album a stunning  dark-hearted electro-blues feel to give you a slight chill from the vocal delivery in this song.

No Fun” is by far my favorite track on this whole album and it’s because the track is actually fun, whimsy, and Brandon Boyd’s vocals are fresh and exciting. There is a chilling breakdown in the middle of the track that really shows their progress as a band.

I unfortunately have to mention that “Nimble Bastard” and “State Of The Art” fell short on this album while it was a great single release just a few weeks ago and the tracks have something to bring to the album still it seems a little forced and shakey. But all in all it still has something to offer to the album.

Overall, I’m happy to say I did actually enjoy the album and was thrilled to hear that Incubus had new music to rock out to. Incubus has grown as a band with their 8th album and they can still deliver without losing their individual sound. So let’s choose water over wine and drive to get this new album release from Incubus out now!

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