REVIEW: I Am Intention – Uninvited [2013]


Artist: I Am Intention

Album: Uninvited


Don’t you just hate those days when you can’t make up your mind? You want to listen to music but you are not quite sure what to pick, most likely resulting in excessive usage of the shuffle function on your music player. Well this little dilemma is a thing of the past with the debut EP release of a 6 headed monster hailing from Baltimore that answers to the name I Am Intention. Whether you prefer straight-to-your-face Hardcore, melodic Metalcore or anything in between, ”uninvited” has the best of both worlds, which is an impressive feat considering that thousands of bands try to (unsuccessfully) create this sound.

When an ominious voice followed by thundering beatdowns can be heard at the beginning of ”Fiend” the listener will soon be subjected to a stranglehold that forces you to turn the speakers all the way up if they had been at a reasonable volume before. From this point onward ”Uninvited” is a constantly changing beast that will bombard your ears with rolling breakdowns, vicious grooves and furious screaming, all coated in a dark and malicious atmosphere. While the other half of ”Uninvited” tries to comfort you at times with its clean singing and tranquil melodics, the animosity is never far behind. These serene and ”easy” listening parts do not only serve as diversity but also to lure you into a false sense of security because at its core ”Uninvited” is a hate-filled whirlwind and the aggressive lyrics support this. By the time that ”Filth” ends with some very sharp and moshable riffing you would wish this bruising ride was far from over, but sadly this is the end of the line (for now). Like with most EP’s ”Uninvited” has a high replay value so you could always go back and be beaten by the ensnaring brutality some more.

All in all ”Uninvited” is a successful effort with amazing results that appeals to a broad audience. Ironically enough, while most of these bands that include (too much) Metalcore elements with clean singing in their music fail to get my attention, ”uninvited” was surprisingly inviting; pretty much falling in love with it at the first listen. That’s about all the motivation I can give you, fans of the Metal genre in general need to check out this solid EP, there is something for everyone here and its all done with amazing energy, atmosphere and a concrete production on top of that.

Rating: 9.4/10

For fans of: Confession , Betrayal, For The Fallen Dreams, The Ghost Inside, Northlane