Review: Issues- Hooligans (Single)


Artist: ISSUES
Album: Hooligans – Single
Rating: 10/10

Since the release of their EP, “Black Diamonds”, Issues has been one of the most loved  and hated bands in the game. One thing you can’t deny, though is these boys have a massive amount of talent. A few months ago, when they were on the “Right Back At It Again” tour with headliners A Day to Remember, they began playing a new track, affectionately titled “Hooligans”. Once live videos of this new track started surfacing, fans immediately started begging for the studio version. Yesterday, July 4th, their calls were finally answered with an official music video. Now,  I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I played it for the first time, but when I finished it, I was pretty blown away. This track sticks to their sound, while throwing a few new elements in as well. The track, lyrically, is about never forgetting where you come from. Everyone expects bands who get signed and gain fame think that the band members will change, but this is Issues way of saying that’s not the case. “Patiently waiting to give up everything I got start thinking about my future at the number one spot my friends think they lost me but I would never change and I would sell out my pride when everybody wanna say you never gave a damn About your boys in the first place old Dena raised me and the road will never change me” “To everyone who stuck around, this one’s for you.” There are a lot of bands who try tackling this subject, but just can’t quite pull it off. Fame changes most, but not all. Remember that and listen to the lyrics of this track closely. Check   out the video below and then go pick it up on iTunes!
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