Review: IWrestledABearOnce – Thunder Chunky (Single)



With the departure of founding member Krysta Cameron during last year’s Warped Tour due to her first pregnancy, Shreveport’s IWrestledABearOnce had to find someone with some BIG shoes to fill. However, all speculation that the band would be worse off without her has finally been put to rest! Today the band released the first single “Thunder Chunky” from their upcoming third full-length studio album “Late For Nothing” which will hit shelves on August 6th. Some of you, probably even most of you, will be thrown off by how different the intro is on this track. I found myself saying “Is this really IWrestledABearOnce?!” Yes, and the band couldn’t have come back in better form! New singer Courtney LaPlante’s debut is one of great relief to many fans, as she captures that spontaneous nature that we’ve all come to love and expect from the band quite well! The instrumentals are still gritty and technical, the nature of the music still has that fun and quirky quality to it. So my thoughts on this single, you may ask? Absolutely one of the best tracks they’ve ever put out! Everything is perfectly in place and it honestly hyped me up even more for my review of “Late For Nothing” coming late next month! But don’t just take my word for it, check out the single yourself below and leave some feedback, then go pre-order “Late For Nothing” or pick up your copy on August 6th through Century Media!

“Thunder Chunky” 

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