Review: Jamie’s Elsewhere – The Illusionist (ft. Tyler Carter) (Single)


Artist: Jamie’s Elsewhere
Album: The Illusionist (ft. Tyler Carter) – Single
Rating: 10/10

In 2010, one of the most prolific albums in post-hardcore history was released. I’m talking, of course, about Jamie’s Elsewhere’s They Said A Storm Was Coming. The album, released on Victory Records, is one of the most well-known and widely known releases in the scene. However, once the band fulfilled their contract and split ways with Victory, vocalist Aaron Pauley parted ways with the band to pursue other musical endeavors. Of course, this came only after recording one last EP with the band, Reimagined. The release contained 4 reworked, more mellow versions of songs from the aforementioned They Said A Storm Was Coming as well as 2 new tracks. Pauley later joined Of Mice & Men as their clean vocalist/bassist, being replaced by Justin Kyle. At the same time, new guitarist, Don Vedda, was also added to the lineup.

They wasted no time getting to work on new material, releasing “Like Sparks We Shine”, a demo the band was working on at the end of 2012. In the Spring of 2013, the band called on the fans to help them fund their 3rd studio album, later revealed to be called Rebel-Revive. The project met, and exceeded, it’s goal and the band soon hit the studio with iconic producer Nick Sampson, who has worked with bands such as Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, Emmure and more. In October of 2013, the band finally released “Sick Fiction”, the first single from the album and it was met with mixed response. The band had adapted a completely different sound, one that truly fit the essence of what they stand for… but there are always the haters. After a semi-long period of silence, the band released their 2nd single, “The Illusionist” featuring Tyler Carter (ISSUES/ex-Woe, Is Me) via Alternative Press. This song is pure perfection, in my eyes. It’s catchy, it’s incredibly relate-able and, best of all, it showed another side of JE not previously explored. The band is at the top of their game on this track, indicating that they had a lot of fun recording it. Yes sir, Mr. Justin Kyle seems to have made his mark on the world. But where would the band be if not for the guitar work of seasoned vet Matt Scarpelli? Where would the catchy nature come from if not for the bumpin’ bass lines that Chance Medeiros brings to the table? Of course, the keyboards, synthesizer and backing vocals play a big role in what sound this band has created and we have Mike Spearman to think for that. But will JE continue leaving fans awestruck? Stick around, because NT will have a review of Rebel-Revive coming just as soon as we possibly can! In the meantime, check out the singles below and form your own opinions!

“Sick Fiction” (Official Lyric Video)

“The Illusionist (ft. Tyler Carter)”