REVIEW: Jaye The General – B.U.R.2.0 [Mix-tape/2016]

Hauling from Cambridge, Ohio, Jaye The General is an ambitious rapper, songwriter, and producer. He unleashed his underground mix-tape, B.U.R.2.0, on April 5th, 2016. It features a variety of underground rappers from the Cambridge area. B.U.R.2.0 offers an in-depth look into Jaye The General’s mind. Tracks vary in mood. You have in your face tracks like “Mad World”, “The Movement”, and  “Mill Time”. You’re also gifted with laid back mellow tracks like, “Comma$”, and “3x Ina Row” to kick back to. B.U.R.2.0 is a nicely crafted mix-tape with flows, hooks, and emotion. The outro “Alone” is prime example of the emotion behind this mix-tape. Continuing to fight while being kicked down time after time is a good message to take from B.U.R.2.0. The vocal production isn’t consistent. You’ll noticed changed vocal effects throughout the mix-tape, some major, some not. “Mill Time” and forward into the mix-tape is where you’ll notice. The overall production is well shaped from the beats to sound effects. I personally found myself replying it for the hooks and uplifting vibe I receive while listening. I’m usually hard to please when it comes to the rap/hip-hop genre. Jaye The General has released his mix-tape for free download that you can download HERE

Jaye The General on:


Soundcloud    12968809_1076423629085390_1619179599_nTracklist:

  1. Intro
  2. Mad World
  3. The Movement (Feat. Paradoxx & Be)
  4. Mill Time
  5. Comma$ (Feat. Paradoxx & Messiah)
  6. Killa
  7.  3X Ina Row (Feat. Paradoxx)
  8. OneTime (Feat. Paradoxx)
  9. Deep
  10. Alone (Outro)