Review – Judah And The Lion – Folk Hop N Roll


Artist: Judah And The Lion

Album: Folk Hop N Roll

Rating: 10/10


Judah And The Lion have hit the Indie and Mainstream charts by storm with the hit “Take It All Back” which is climbing the charts of top 40 and Indie stations alike. The Nashville group have released their new album “Folk Hop N Roll” which has introduced a new genre of music that has been dubbed “Folk-Hop” and it really rocks. Judah And The Lion will be opening for Twenty One Pilots and Kaleo on the Going To Mars tour. The band with be blowing up right along side Mumford And Sons, and The Lumineers that have the folky and old timey sound with banjos, mandolins and acoustic guitars that fill and bring the tracks together.


The album has a track called “Reputation” that really stands out cause it really brings the Folk-Hop to the fullest. It has a backdrop of a Hip-Hop beats with multiple rap solos on top of a build up midsong. It really points towards an anthem for the whole album.


The track “Graffiti Dreams” brings some distortion in Judah’s vocals which is a bit spooky in delivery his lyrics really point towards a well versed track about being able to dance and be proud in sadness “..I want to dance where there is only sadness, and bring some peace in the midst of madness.” The idea of the song is having a way to be “centered” even in the sadness. The frontman Judah Akers has been quoted saying as far as his music goes “There are no boundaries” he confesses “We wanted to make something raw, with attitude.” I feel they did just that.


The top hit “Take It All Back” has really climbed it’s way up through the charts fairly quickly. Now with the new addition of “Take It All Back 2.0” which has had plenty of radio play. This song jumps between genres but hold to their energy and every lyrical verse is a practical anthem that seems to reach further than they expected. The track itself is riddled full of banjo riffs and melodies on top of a vocal delivery that is one of the best I’ve heard this year.


“It’s a rule-breaking record, with Judah & the Lion creating a sound that belongs entirely to them,” states the band’s website. I think they have done something that has really defined true genre flipping and produced their own genre. “Don’t you feel like letting go? Don’t you feel like letting go, and turning up your stereo to the folk hop sound” why yes, Judah I think I do. This is the tagline in the song “Folk Hop Sound” a great addition in the genre bending done well throughout the whole album. If your wanting something refreshing and new. Get out and get this album! Out now!


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