Review: The Lake Attacks Everybody – The Consequence (Single)


Artist: The Lake Attacks Everybody
Album: The Consequence (Single)
Rating: 10/10

As some of you know, I covered a band called The Novelist awhile back and their debut single “Under the Light” which was explosive, aggressive and catchy. Now, their guitarist, Dylan Hamar, is involved in a side project called The Lake Attacks Everybody. Their debut single “The Consequence”, for being a fun side project, is definitely an eye-opening and entrancing experience. The track opens up with a fairly creepy intro and some down and dirty guitar work from Dylan, leading into some pretty incredible screams from vocalist Logan Peel. The sound, vocally, honestly reminds me of older Texas In July and bands of the like. The lyrics, from what I can decipher, are about the consequences of being a backstabber. Have you ever been betrayed or deceived? After something like that happens, you find yourself trusting in karma more than you ever thought you would. You find that Karma has a way of finding it’s way to these people and giving them what they deserve. Just as with “Under the Light” by The Novelist, this track is extremely heavy both lyrically and musically. It’s a must-listen for fans of every facet of metal and I believe that this band is on their way to something even greater! Check out the single below and tell us and the band your thoughts!

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