REVIEW: Left Behind – “Liar” Single (2013)


Artist: Left Behind

Single: Liar

There’s a lot to be said for brutal, straightforward honesty—whether it’s good news or bad, complimentary or demoralizing, sugar-coating something only tends to make it worse. With this in mind, Left Behind say it like it is with their breakout single, “Liar,” off of their upcoming EP, Death Take Me. “Liar” is an aggressive, groovy track which attacks the listener with intricate, stunning fretwork and pummeling, pulverizing percussion layered over one another and topped with no-holds-barred vocals to cut and tear at the listener’s sanity.

When it comes to progression, Left Behind truly leave behind a majority of the feel established with their previous single, “Haunted.” “Liar” is a track which wastes no time in beginning its onslaught on the listener with quick, hard-hitting drumming and jarring, deep guitar work. These elements work in a stunning dialectic to create an infinitely more aggressive and heavy feel than the listener might have otherwise expected—especially during the tracks climactic, spine-shattering breakdown. Here, the vocals reach a low, bitter growl which can only be described as pissed, which perfectly mirrors the low, rumbling bass and roaring, vicious churn of the guitar. However, even in spite of Left Behind’s newfound penchant for the sublimely heavy, there is still plenty for the listener to whimsically bob their head to. The opening groove to “Liar” is so catchy it will wind its way into the listener’s head and stay nested there for days, while the bouncy, low drums and rolling, poppy bass help cement it in place. During these sections, the vocals take on a much more gruff, mid-range yell which, while different from the norm, are not just effective, but fun and fit perfectly. These aspects—and the way in which Left Behind can flow between them—make “Liar” a proof-positive piece of evidence for the band’s progression and perfection of the art that is “wang dang.”

Don’t waste your time. Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t delay—listen to “Liar” by Left Behind as soon as you possibly can. Fans of the band’s previous endeavors will be pleasantly shocked, and even newcomers to the band’s bouncy, hard-hitting style of metalcore will find themselves in awe. “Liar” is the sound of a band refining and perfecting an already well-above-par dynamic—and I wouldn’t lie to you about that.



For Fans Of: Sworn In, Barrier, Gift Giver, Oppressor, Silence

By: Connor Welsh