Review: Lefty Williams Band – All In


Artist: Lefty Williams Band
Album: All In
Rating: 5/5

A disability of any kind is always a hard thing to deal with. In every day life, in society and in general. But it’s people like Jason Cochise Williams that give the world a new hope for these unfortunate souls. Jason, AKA “Lefty”, was born with an incomplete right arm but is an inspiration to not only GUITAR players everywhere, but disabled musicians the world over! He pours his heart and soul out into every piece of music he puts out and, being that he is proficient in blues rock, you can feel every bit of his joy, pain and struggle through it. His new album, All In, is 20 minutes of good ol’ American Soul music. Truthfully, bands like this aren’t my forte (as most of you might have realized by now if you’ve followed my reviews) but the Lefty Williams Band is a whole different ball park in terms of delivery.

As my wife was quoted saying, “they sound like one of those bands who can just stand up on stage, close their eyes and really just give it all they’ve got!” I absolutely agree. All In immediately shows you how hard they work, how much heart they put into it and, overall, that they REFUSE to settle for anything less than their best.

Whether it be a feelsy guitar solo like in “You Know I Love You”, belting lyrics throughout the entire album or just the general feel-good nature that All In will put off to you, this is not an album to be missed! I would recommend this album to anyone who enjoys good music. It doesn’t matter if you love rap, country, metal, rock or anything in between… you can find something to love outside of or coinciding with that on All In. Pick it up when it gets released on August 21st through Tree Leaf Music!