Review: Lex the Hex Master – Contact

Artist: Lex the Hex Master
Album: Contact
Rating: 10/10


Eons ago, it was prophesied that an entity would arrive on Earth and change the face of the rap game. In a world where mumble rap, as well as, ridiculous and repetitive lyrics are allowed to exist… There stands a cut above the rest. His name: Lex the Hex Master. Somehow, he stumbled across Jamie Madrox, Monoxide Child and George Vhalakis who decided to sign him to Majik Ninja Entertainment and take his talent to new heights. His debut album, Contact, is a testament to just how masterful he is at his craft.

Gangsta rap beats, real-life lyrics and an unbelievable flow are what awaits you in his arsenal and he’s looking to wage war on anyone who is brave enough to stand in his path. He opens up the album with “Takeover,” his call to arms for the Juggalo nation. He’s here as a voice to the Juggalos to let them know that he won’t sit back and watch them go through the things they’ve been going through. Violent lyrics and imagery are all-too rampant in the horrorcore genre so it’s no surprise that this track has a violent take on crushing his enemies. Its his warning… The takeover is coming and anyone who stands in his way will be taken out.

One of my favorite tracks on the album, for its relatability, is “Where Was You?” This track tackles the subject of cowards crawling out from the woodwork when an individual gets even a modicum of success. Where were you when they were in the gutter? Where were you when they had to fight just to keep a roof over their head and food in their mouth? It’s a way of saying to immediately cut them out of your life. The hook on this track is super catchy and, while his singing voice isn’t necessarily angelic, it has a raw and real quality that most just don’t these days.

Lex takes a moral stance against those who have wronged him and others in the track “The Boss, the Teacher, the Preacher.” This is a typical subject when you listen to any Juggalo music. After all, what is music without a message? This is where the music takes a dark turn and is projected from the mind, rather than the ideas, of Lex the Hex Master. We don’t condone violence but we are heavily behind the message of putting a stop to immorality.

The last track I want to talk about is “Army of One.” This is one of the best rap tracks I’ve heard in a long time, it has a strange beat but it takes you back to a time when underground rap was at its best and not oversaturated with the things I mentioned earlier. This is an extension of his message in “Takeover” and “Domination” except he’s saying that he’s set to do it by himself if he has to. He’s gonna follow his path to the end, whether you’re with him or not.

Contact has a fitting title because, in the rap game, it’s in a completely different galaxy. Do yourselves a favor and pick your copy up by clicking the link below and heading to Twiztid Shop, where you can also find more Lex merch!


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